Snow Time

The snow came bringing with it lots of fun and excitement. Reception enjoyed experiencing the snow and hopes that it comes back again soon.

1. Make a list of adjectives to describe the snow.

2. Can you keep a diary of what the weather is like each day? Bring in to show me at the end of the week.

3.Draw a picture of you in the snow and write a sentence about it.

4. How did you feel when you went out in the snow?

10 thoughts on “Snow Time

  1. Snow Time:

    1) Soft, Fluffy, Cold, Damp, Beautiful, Icy, Freezing, Frosty, Watery and Shivering.
    2) I like the snow because it is very beautiful when it falls from the sky.
    3) I feel very happy and this gives me the chances to build an snowman and also make snowballs.

  2. The snow was soft,white,cold.
    I was really happy to play in the snow. I liked the way it falls over our head and it is amazing how is white and tiny.

  3. It was fluffy, soft, cold, awesome, beautiful and freezing.

    I felt happy because the snow was lovely and I had the best day ever. I had lots of fun catching the snowflakes.

  4. The snow was:
    Small and round
    Fell very fast

    I really liked playing in the snow but it was freezing. I wanted to make a snow angel but there wasn’t enough snow, I hope there is some more next time!

  5. I am so glad you got to have fun in the snow. What a lovely experience. It is a lot of fun playing in the snow, you can even build a snowman. When I go out in the white and soft snow I feel as cold as ice. I need to put on my cosy coat, fluffy gloves & hat to keep me warm. The snow is very beautiful to see.

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