SOLE project Mongolia Year 6 R

This video was created by Omio, Mia, Pranit, Zaid and Sam from ‘Integrity’ group in 6 Red.

All the SOLE work presented was researched, organised, planned, written and spoken independently by the children.

Well done for working so hard and producing such a great piece of work.

Have a fantastic break everyone and come back well rested and ready for a happy, healthy and successful 2017


  1. First of all,well done to all of SOLE group,we created a excellent iMovie,poster and leaflet.Well done to everyone else in 6 Red during this past week,we have created some great pieces of work that definitely should go on display.Mongolia is very fascinating because it has history behind this great country from Genghis Khan to Marco Polo.

    During this project,I have learnt that Genghis Khan was born on 1162 and married Borcte soon after but she was kidnapped by a rival tribe.Genghis unites rival tribe to save Borte and becomes the Great Khan.Genghis Khan’s country was very low on food and spiritual needs so he soon attacked Xi Xia and after two years of fighting it surrenders , leaving many rice fields and soon attacks Northern China.After this,Mongolia took control of the Kharwarzin Dynasty,China,Russia and some parts of Europe.After Genghis,Odgei becomes the next great Khan his third son.Black death spreads across the army and the Ming Dynasty overthrow their Yuan,Mongolia’s ruling power,signifying the end of an empire.

    Marco Polo was a man who lived in Venice at the time when Mongolia ruled the world and wanted to explore the other side of the world because he wanted to know how people live there and what they do,different countries do not communicate as much in the past but the Mongol empire brought trade routes.Marco Polo wrote about his discoveries around China and found that the Chinese use paper notes as money and has many herbs and spices and fantastic silk.Marco brought this back to Vencice to show his discovries to the rest of the world.

    Moreover,we went to Foleshill library to find books about Mongolia and we went on laptops to find facts about Mongolian people.I learnt that a yurt is a tent and Mogolia consits of 2.9 million people averaging a person every 4.3 square miles.Also,I learnt that Mongolia is known for it’s gigantic mountains and rivers such as the Egg river.Mongolia borders China,Russia and Kazhastan.We also did a Mongolian word search to find words related to Mongolia such as Buddhist which is the main religion in Mongolia.

    Furthermore,we learnt how to speak Mongolian and we learnt how to say hello and where are you from.I learnt that there is a mixture of Russian and Chinese in Mongolian with some of its own launguage.

    Also,we learnt about Mongolian sports,may Mongolian sports are combat sports and are not considered for women.Some of these sports include horse racing,archery and grappling games such as sumo wrestling.There is an event every year and the ages do not apply so a 40 year old man can fight against a 11 year old boy.

    Overall I liked this topic,thank you Mrs Janjua and Mr McCabe for making my 2016 memorable.

  2. The way I expressed my work was in an iMovie

    Also,Gengus Khan the violent warrior died in 1294,but his life continued through his grandson and son named Ogedi Khan who was just as brutal and malicious as his grandfather and father!!!⚔️🔪 And Gengus used to ⛓⛓⛓chain up his own men and slaughter them for training!
    Nobody could ever muster enough cruelty to be as evil as him…

  3. This is super, you are starting to push yourselves and challenge your thinking.can anybody think of an unusual question that we could ask about Mongolia?

  4. Well done to those children who created the fabulous poster and IMovie. Also well done to all of the other children who worked hard in the unit “Around the world week”.
    This week I have enjoyed learning about Mongolia as are country because it has lots of old, fascinating history and is a very famous country due to it’s empire.
    I learnt many new and interesting facts this week.

    I learnt that Genghis Khan was one of the strongest leaders in history because of his big, contiguous empire which took over some parts of Europe, Kazakhstan, Russia and China. His empire was the biggest in history.

    Another thing I learnt was that who Marco Polo was and what he did. Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant and explorer who was the first person to go around China and to write a detailed chronicle about his life and discoveries. The Mongolian empire opened trade routes to make connection and trade from two different continents easier.

    Also in “Around the world week” we went to Foleshill library and researched about Mongolia. I found out about their diet and traditional food which consists of dairy products, spices, meat, animal fat and many more. Another thing I researched about was what a yurt means. A yurt is a portable, round tent covered by skins and felt used as a dwelling by the Nomads.

    Overall I liked this project.
    Thank you Mr McCabe and Mrs Janjua for setting us this project. It was fun!

  5. Well done to all of the pupils of the sole group and everybody else who created their projet about the mongolian empire Genesis khan.

    I hope everybody has a happy holiday and a happy new year.
    A new fresh start in 2017!!!!!

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