Solids,liquids and gases -Year 5

In Science this week, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We carried out experiments to see how much viscosity different liquids had. One group conducted an experiment testing the viscosity of different branded ketchups.

What did you learn about viscosity?

Were your predictions correct?  

Which brand of ketchup had the highest and lowest viscosity ?

How was this a fair test?


8 thoughts on “Solids,liquids and gases -Year 5

  1. I have learnt that viscosity is a thick liquid.

    My predictions were correct.

    The highest amount of viscosity was Heinz and the lowest was Tesco everyday.

    This was a fair test because we used the same sized spoon, we did the same distance and the same height and also we used the same amount.

  2. Viscosity is more thicker than others and some are more slender than others, for example a fizzy drink and treacle.

    Yes, my predictions were right. I predicted that Tesco everyday value would have the highest viscosity and Heinz would have the lowest.

    This was a fair test because we used the same utensil and dropped the ketchup from the same distance.

  3. 1.I learnt that low viscosily is high thickness ano high viscosity is low thickness. prediction was incorrect as I chosee organic ketchup but the type with the lowest viscosity was Heinz.
    3.the one with the highest viscosity is tesco everyday value and the one with the lowest viscosity was Heinz.
    4.we made this a fair test by using the same amount and distance.

  4. I’ve learnt that the thicker the liquid is, the more viscosity it has.For example honey will have more viscosity than water.
    I was experimenting which liquids poured quicker which means that it has less viscosity.The liquids we used were :
    liquid soap
    My prediction was correct because I predicted that toothpaste has the highest viscosity and lemonade has the lowest viscosity.
    To make it a fair test we poured it at the same height,timed it fairly,used the same type of spoon and poured the liquid at the same time(not quick and slow).

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