Somewhere Over the Rainbow

You have had a fantastic music week, practising the ukulele, completing music and sound investigations, creating your own lyrics to the melody of the song and practising and performing with the rest of your class in the BH Awards. 

Look at this quote about rainbows. 


What do you think it means? 

How do you think some people feel about stars and rainbows? 

Who might you offer this advice to?

Miss Tarn : )

4 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. 1. It is colourful so people can see it better.
    2. I think you would feel very relaxed and calm.
    3. I would offer it to my little brother because he loves colourful things

  2. 1. It is colourful and bright and gives people hope.
    2. We should advice people who have lost hope in life because the brightness and colourfulness gives hope for a new life.

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