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Songs for the Prom

Dear Year 6,

As our Prom Night is upon us next week, we are giving you the opportunity to think about what songs you would like to be played. This will enable us to create a playlist. Your choices need to be blogged by Monday 15th July.

Please write the name of the song and the artist.

For example: I would like: 1. Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran, 2 Holiday by Madonna etc.

Please choose appropriate songs that everyone can enjoy.

Thank you,

Year 6 Staff

52 thoughts on “Songs for the Prom

  1. Rae sremmund black Beatles
    Marshmallow alone
    Marshmallow stars
    Old town road
    Lil skies lust clean
    Lil pump Gucci gang clean
    Vossi bop clean.

  2. Vossi bop
    Old town road
    Cross me
    Take me back to London
    Too big for your boots
    Shut up
    It’s you
    You should see me in a crown
    Six feet under
    Bad guy
    Ocean eyes
    Shine girl
    South of the border

    And could we please make sure that all of these songs are clean. Thank you!

  3. 1.)Dr vades-ringtone (clean)
    2.)ot bop (clean version)
    3.)nsg-options (clean)
    4.)lil nas-old town road (clean)
    5.)Digga d-no diet (clean)
    6.)Digga d x russ- Mr sheen (clean)
    7.)Jay1- your Mrs (clean)
    8.)Jay1- mocking it (clean)

  4. Stay-Zedd
    Bueatiful-Alissa cara
    I spy(clean)-I don’t know what his name is
    One dance(clean)-drake
    Better now(clean)-post malone

  5. Taki Taki- DJ Snake
    Old Town Road- Lil Nas X
    Lucid Dreams (clean)- Juice Wrld
    Ot Bop- GRM Daily
    Switch It Up- Lavaado
    Senorita- Shawn Mendes
    Without me (clean)- Halsey
    I dont care- Ed Sheeran + Justin Bieber
    Sweet But A Psycho- Ava Max
    I spy (clean)- Lil Yachty
    Stay- Zedd
    Believer- Imagine Dragons
    Pretty Girls (remix)- Maggie Lindermann
    Colours- Jason Derulo
    The Monster- Rihanna + Eminem
    Water Fountain- Alex Benjamin

    I will add more if I can think of any more 💞

    Sheza 👻

  6. -1 Gun Lean Remix [By Russ]
    -2 Keisha, Becky [Tion Wayne x Russ]
    -3 Your Mrs [Jay1]
    -4 Options [NSG]
    -5 Mr Sheen [Digga D X Russ]
    (Please Put This: DigDat X Loski NoCap)

    Thats it, Thanks :)

  7. I would like to have
    Baby Shark 🦈
    Old town road 😛 Lil naps and Billy ray Cyrus
    Cha Cha slid🕺🏻
    Sucker 🤩 Jonas Brothers
    Bad guy 😠 Billie Ellish
    I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ed Sheeran
    Me 😍 Taylor Swift
    You need to come down 🏳️‍🌈 Taylor Swift
    Boy with luv ♥️
    Sunflower 🌻
    Happier 😀 Marshmallow
    Cross me – clean version.

  8. Old town road, baby shark, shotgun: by George Ezra, despacito, invisible, alone: by marshmello, 7 years old song, hall of fame, I believe I can fly, I’m going on a trip in my favourite rocket ship song, happiness is the truth song, mi gente.

  9. I would like “Old town road” I knew everyone in my clads is going to say it so i might as well be first!I’ll think about other songs!

  10. Oooo what a brilliant opportunity, I hope you’re all prepared to showcase some cringey dance moves! I sure am!

    I would like to request the following please;
    *Cha cha slide-DJ
    *Macarena- Los Del Rio

    Please & thank you

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