Spanish Cafe Afternoon!

On Friday afternoon, Year 5 hosted an afternoon of Spanish conversation and tasting Spanish food. This was the culmination of everyone’s hard work during our Spain topic week.


Spanish conversation                     Food 1   Food 2

What food did you taste at the Spanish cafe? 

What was your favourite food and why? 

How could I order a dish in Spanish?

List some new vocabulary you learned during the afternoon and say what it means.

8 thoughts on “Spanish Cafe Afternoon!

  1. We taste these chip and spicy sauce and we had salad and we made Spanish omplet I enjoyed the Friday afternoon Spanish café in school. My favourite Spanish food is the salad because it was perfect it was’nt spicy

  2. Whilst we were having the Spanish café afternoon,I tasted:Spanish omelette,spicy potatoes,paella,olives,salad and salsa.My favourite food was paella because it had a sweet savoury taste.If you were to ask for a dish in Spanish you are most likely to say:
    ¿Que quieres comer? ¿Que quieres Beber? Si ¡Camero! Como plato principal quiros un biftec.Para beber,quireo el vinco blanco,de postre quiero flan.

  3. On Friday afternoon , we tried spanish food such as paella which are spanish rice. We also tried Spanish omelet and spicy potatoes. My favourite spanish dish was paella because Iiked the taste of it . My least favourite spanish dish was the spanish omlelet because it was cold. I had so much fun making the spanish omelet .I liked the spocy potatoes and the Spanish rice . I

  4. On a Friday afternoon, we tasted many Spanish dishes such as paella which is rice, spicy potatoes, and a Spanish omelet. my favourite Spanish dish was the rice because it had good taste and flavour. My team mates convinced me to try the spicy potatoes so I tried them and I liked them others said they were spicy but they weren’t. I really didn’t like the Spanish omelet because it was cold.

    waiter camarero
    I would like to eat Quieres algo a comer
    I would like to drink quieres algo a beber
    I would like to see the menu please qiero ver el menu por favor
    To start I would like rice de primero quiero paella
    Could I have the bill please la cuenta por favor

  5. At the Café we ate Paella(rice),spicy Potatoes, olives and Spanish baked omelet.
    Would you like something to eat? ¿Quieres algo a comer?

    Would you like something to drink? ¿Quieres algo a beber?

    What would you like to eat? ¿Que quieres comer?

    What would you like to drink? ¿Que quieres beber?

    What types of sandwiches do you have? ¿Que tipo de bocadillos tienes?

    What flavours do you have? ¿Que sabores de helados tienes?

    What do you recommend? ¿Que nos recomienda?

    Do you have a table for six? ¿Tienes una mesa para seis personas?

    I would like a table near to the window. Quisiera una mesa a lado de la ventana.

    I have a table reserved in the name ….. . Tengo una reserva para ….. .

    I would like to see the menu, please. Quiero ver el menú, por favor.

    I would like to order now. Quiero pedir una cena ahora.

    To start, I would like the prawns / shrimps. De primero quiero los gambas / camarones.

    For the main course, I would like steak. Como plato principal quiero un biftec.

    For dessert, I’ll have apple tart. De postre quiero flan.

    To drink, I would like some white wine. Para beber, quiero el vino blanco.

    That’s not what I ordered. Esto no es lo que he pedido.

    Waiter! Camarero!

    Could I have the bill, please. La cuenta, por favor.

    Is service included? ¿La propina está incluida?

    I think there is a mistake in the bill. Pienso que haya un error en la cuenta.

  6. To say this is not what I ordered is:Esto no lo que pedi
    To say what would you like to eat is:Que te gustaria comer
    To say what would you like to drink is:Que te gustaria beber
    To say for a drink I would like white wine is :Para tomar una copa me gustaría vino blanco

    On a Friday afternoon my class and I enjoyed our time eating some sensational super Spanish dishes that you will definitely find in a Spanish resturant or anywhere in Spanish.Spanish foods also included Spanish omelet ,rice, olives and last but not least some spicy potatoes.

    My favourite Spanish dish was the rice because the rice has a fantastic fabulous flavour that would always remind me of the Spanish cafe.I didn’t taste the olives because the last time I had olives they were absolutely disgusting and that day I got I didn’t feel well.But I wish I tasted green olives the one that we had in Spanish cafe because I had black olives before and my fellow classmates had said “they were absoulety delicious”.So next time I will have olives and I like them I will know my classmates inspired me to eat them.The Spanish omelet was probably the worst because of one reason-it was cold!It looked delicious and if it was hot it sure will be delicious.It looks very attractive and makes people want to eat it including me.Lastly is the spicy potatoes but they weren’t spicy!However other pupils in my class were like their tounge was on fire and needed to get water bottle.Guess it wasn’t spicy for a reason.

  7. I had tasted patatas bravas-spicy potatoes and I had also tasted Spanish rice dish. I had Spanish omelette, doughnuts and favrouite food was doughnuts and Spanish rice because It had a lovely could order ilke this mi gustiria una patatas bravas por favor.
    patatas bravas-spicy potatoes
    mi gustaria-i wouild like

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