Spanish Teacher

This is my experience at Broad Heath I hope you have enjoyed having me here, and benefited from my Spanish lessons to help you when you go to your Spain trip.

Skills academy club (Friday)

Supporting in Year 5

– Working with groups.

– Helping Newly Arrived children with their English vocabulary.

  – After school Spanish club.

Thank you very much I’ve learned a lot about all of you.


4 thoughts on “Spanish Teacher

  1. You have been an excellent addition to the BH team. You have worked hard and the children have enjoyed your company. You were dedicated, committed and enthusiastic and the children have gained immensely. Thank you for all you have done and perhaps one day you will re- visit.

    • Thank you for giving me the experience at Broad Heath with 5M. Hopefully, I will visit one day again. The children and the staff are lovely. From Miss Pastor.

  2. Dear Miss Pastor,

    I will really , really , really miss you because I love the way you taught us Spanish and helped us in our maths, its sad to say goodbye but maybe there will be a hello again. It would be great if your tutor or you could come back to England or maybe even meet is in Spain which would fantastic if you could but maybe that was our last goodbye and hello. But thank you a lot for teaching us!!!

    yours sincerely Haniyah :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    • Many thanks Haniyah! I will miss all of you. You’ve been a lovely class. You have made a big progress in your Spanish. I hope you will practice a lot in Madrid. It will be wonderful if you take some photos when you are there and upload them for me to see. From Miss Pastor.

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