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Mrs Walker would like to set you a challenge to find out the definition of your spellings.  To find out the definitions you’ll need to use a dictionary and write out the meanings. There is a lot of children who are getting 10/10 on a weekly basis but when your asked what the word means, most of you don’t know. You all need to understand what a word means. If you don’t have access to a dictionary use Google to help you.

10 thoughts on “Spellings definition

  1. Well done 1A! Some of these words are very tricky and it’s great to see all of you using a dictionary to find their meaning! Keep up the good work.

  2. 1.bonfire is a large but controlled outdoor Fire,used either for informal disposal of burnable waste material or as part of a celebration.
    2.inspire is to motivate.
    3.make secret plans jointly to commit a unlawful or harmful act.
    4.spuare is a 2d shape.
    5.scare is frightening someone.
    6.dare is courage to do something
    7.flare is to make fire more bigger.
    8.prayer is to talk to a god.
    9.fast is to move speed.
    10.to turn something’s.

  3. They can do it Mrs Frankish :-) The children have been learning how to use a dictionary and looking up the meanings of words. Come on 1A lets show Mrs Frankish how clever we are.

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