Spellings in 2 Red!

This week in 2 red 25/30 children got all 10 of their spellings correct! WOW!!

This is fantastic and myself and Mrs Patel are very proud of you, keep it up!
Remember to practise your spellings as much as you can at home ready for your test on Friday. It’ll help you remember them even more if you have a go at putting them into a sentence e.g.

beautiful – The choppy sea was making a beautiful sound when it was crashing against the rocks.
Practise makes perfect!


11 thoughts on “Spellings in 2 Red!

  1. What a great result 2Red!! I am so proud of you all 🎉 Let’s see if you can beat this amazing result and make it full class who get 10/10. I believe in you all 👍

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