Spellings – Speeding To Success!

We are truly Speeding To Success⭐️🚙

We have been taking part in some spelling activities this week to help us learn our spellings and their meanings.

  • Some of us got to use dictionary’s to find words we didn’t quite understanding. 
  • We all got to take part in Rainbow Writing, where you have to write the sound of the week in a colour.
  • In the morning, we quizzed each other on our spellings.

This had paid off because… 18 children got 10 out of 10!

Our highest amount yet!

A massive well done to our winners and enjoy your prizes.


Omar, Yahya, Khadijah, Hadisa, Habbi, Humzah, Ayaan, Miriam, Mariam, Qasim, Jayakar, Farhaan, Aliko, Jessica, Anora, Jouri, Azan and Michael.

The children is blue have had 10/10 every week so far! Superstars 🌟

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