Spider Facts

RD really enjoyed learning all about spiders and created their own Spider Facts Video:

                                                        Spider Challenges

1. How many egg does a female spider lay?

2. Can spiders be found everywhere? Name a place where they can’t be found.

3. Can you name the spider that is poisonous?

4. What do spiders like to eat?

5. What can you tell me about the spider skeleton?

6. Do all spiders have eyes?

3 thoughts on “Spider Facts

  1. Spider Facts:

    1) A female spider lays 2000 eggs.
    2) Yes you can find spider everywhere, but not in all places such as Antarctica. You can find spiders in your house, garden and garden shed.
    3) Black widow is the poisonous spider.
    4) They eat flies, ants and other small insects like ladybirds.
    5) There skeletons are outside there bodies.
    6) Some spiders that live in the dark caves do not have any eyes, but use the hairy on there body to feel what’s around them.

  2. 1. A female spider can lay up to 2000 eggs.
    2. Spiders can live all over the world except for the Antarctic.
    3. The Black Widow spider is poisonous.
    4. Spiders like to eat bees and flies.
    5. The spiders skeleton is outside of their body.
    6. Spiders that live in caves do not have eyes.

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