Spider Facts!

Red and Orange group share spider facts!


Have a look at our video!



During our P.E lesson we worked as a team to make a friendship spider web.

IMG_7799[1] IMG_7796[1] IMG_7793[1]

Spiders appeared under the web!

IMG_7801[1] IMG_7803[1]


Can you write some spider facts in a list independently?

Can you draw and label a spider?


Bring it into school and you will get a peg! Good Luck..

7 thoughts on “Spider Facts!

  1. spiders facts
    Spiders make webs
    Spiders eat flies
    Spiders have eight legs
    Spiders have six eyes
    Spiders are black
    Spiders eat there webs
    Spiders love making webs
    Spiders are insects

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