Hello RP

As part of our Minibeasts Topic, we are going to learn about ‘Spiders’. Can you make a list of any facts that you know already about them please?



Here area few questions to help you …

Do spiders lay eggs?

How many legs have  they got?

How do spiders catch their food?

22 thoughts on “Spiders!

  1. Spiders have 8 legs.
    The catch bugs in their web.
    They spin webs.
    Spiders are different sizes, big and small.
    Spiders live in there own web.
    Spiders lay lots of eggs.
    Spiders can be different colours
    They can have more than two eyes.

  2. Well done Shane. Spiders do have 8 legs. They catch their food on a web that they have spun. We will find out other facts about them during the week.

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