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Sports Ambassadors Reward

Year 6 have been working with Mr Elliott as Sports Ambassadors. Their role has been a responsible one, setting up and running a variety of activities, organising the children , providing an enjoyable lunch break and packing equipment away afterward.

As a reward for their dedication and hard work in the role, they have been on a trip to the Ricoh. At the Ricoh( home to the Wasps rugby club) they experienced a tour of the ground as well as behind the scenes.

How and why are the home and away changing rooms different?

The size of the pitch was 128m x 68m. What is the area and perimeter?

What other sports are played at the Ricoh?



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  1. This trip was so fun! The home and away teams changing room was so different. This is because the away changing rooms are more dirty and less spacious so the team have to support each other to get changed properly.Whereas, the home team changing is more cleaner and is more posh so they have a more positive energy that effects their playing.

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