Sports Day 2016

This years Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 28th June. Key Stage 1 will be in the morning and Key Stage 2 in the afternoon.

Just like last year, there will be a variety of races and your teachers have been asked to put you into  teams.These are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. They have also been asked to select an individual race for you to take part in.

Once you have been told which team you are in please make sure you have a T shirt or similar,of that colour to wear on the big day.Remember the teams are Red, Blue,Green and Yellow.

When we return to school after the holidays your PE lessons will be used to practice the different races,giving us lots of time to make sure we are outstanding athlete’s on Sports Day.

Mr Mountford

32 thoughts on “Sports Day 2016

  1. Sounds fun I want to know what team I’m in an w hat race? ⛹🏻🕴🎗🎨🎹🎬🎰🏋🏻🏆🏵🎪🎷🎮🎳🚴🏻🎽🎫🎤🎺👾🚵🏻🏅🎟🎧🎸🎯🏇🏻🎖🎭🎼🎻🎲⚽️🏐🏓🎿🎣🏀🏸⛷🚣🏻🏈🎱🏒🏂🏊🏻⚾️⛳️🏑⛸🏄🏻🎾🏌🏏🏹🛀🏻

  2. Miss what is my team i wish i am red, like every year we always come second, but this time we will try hard this year, to come first and win.
    this is the correct one

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