Spring Term Wk 6

P W D L Pts
Rovers 24 10 9 5 39
Town 24 9 9 6 36
United 24 6 11 7 29
City 24 3 11 10 20


Amaan 25
Junior 12
Humayan 9
Idris 6
Majiec 6
Siver 5
Ayub 5
Nasim 4
Omar 2
Salan 2
Ismael 1
Devontay 1
Ahsan 1


Amaan is Year 6 April Fool “Hot – Shot”

Over the the 6 weeks of the Spring term the boys in year 6 have been playing in a football league competition at lunchtime. The four teams involved have played 24 games and there has been fierce competition for the league positions. Rovers and Town have been fighting for first place and at the start of this, the final week of term both sides were equal on 36 points. On Wednesday 1st April, Amaan Ahmed scored a hat trick in the final game of term to put Rovers on the top of the league.

Amaan also tops the goals scored list.

Everyone has played with enthusiasm and shown good sportsmanship throughout the games on the MUGA.

The league will continue next term hopefully with games being played on the football field.


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