Staying Connected: 4 White Family Sharing Wall!

Hello 4 White! We miss having you all in school and seeing your smiling faces! We are very proud of the progress you have made this year. We trust you to take responsibility for your learning and complete your blog work- I know you will be great at this! Keep commenting and checking for our replies. If you are ever worried, send us a message- we are here for you.

In these difficult times it’s so important to follow the advice we have been given and stay positive. We would love to see the amazing things you are doing at home to keep learning and stay healthy! If only we had a way of sharing our home experiences… GOOD NEWS!

I have made us a class sharing wall where we can stay connected!
It’s called Padlet and it’s so easy to use.
1) Simply follow the link or scan the QR code below (bottom of the blog)
2) Then enter your unique username which is your first name then ‘4W’.
For example Name4W
3) Then enter the password: safeandwell to view our class wall!
3) If you are on an i-pad, you can install the Padlet app for free- if not, don’t worry it works on the computer too!

Here’s what our Padlet wall looks like today (I will keep this updated):

I’m so happy to hear from more of you on our padlet wall! – let’s get the whole class sharing!

On Padlet we can do so many things to stay in contact and encourage each other through this challenging time. Here are some ideas of things we could share to put a smile on each other’s faces:
– A photo or video of something that has made us smile that day!
-Something we have done or learned that day! (this could be school work, a hobby, something you have made/drawn/painted)
-Tell us about how you are helping your loved ones at home! (cooking, gardening, cleaning…)
-Positive messages and smiles!

To make a post on the wall- just click the ‘+’ symbol. Click the picture icon to upload a photo from your device- or just type a message!

I will be checking and approving your comments before they go on the wall- so don’t worry if they don’t appear right away. Some quick rules for our Padlet wall:
1) Padlet is a safe space for us to share positive messages- be respectful.
2) No-one will see this apart from teachers and members of the BH 4 White family- I would ask that we do not share the password any further.
3) Only post things that you would be happy for people to see on the BH blog.

Let’s stay connected with our Broad Heath Family!
Comment on this blog below:
-What do you think of our Class Padlet Wall?
-What we could share on our wall?!

Your username is your first name then ‘4W’.
For Example: Name4W

Password: safeandwell

Image preview
Click here then enter your username and password!

36 thoughts on “Staying Connected: 4 White Family Sharing Wall!

    • Hi Adeena! Click where it says log in and re-try. Then enter Adeena4W and then the password safeandwell. That should work- let’s try and get the whole class on there!

  1. Miss Phillpotts, Me and my siblings sometimes go outside in the garden and play cricket 🏏, On Wednesday or Tuesday afternoon, we were doing some painting. I made a painting about missing you and Mrs Diaz

    • Hi Bolu- did you click where it says login and re-try?

      Also- your username is Bolu4W not Boluwatife4W, maybe that is the problem? Give it another try-I’d love to see all of the class on there!

    • Hi Abubaker! Good to see you on the blogs! Look at the photo at the bottom of this blog- it shows you where to click. Then enter your
      username: Abubaker4W
      password: safeandwell

      That should work!

    • Bijan, below the ‘You shall not pass’ message it says “Your options” with login and retry, click on that, it will then take you to your user name and password. Hope this helps?

  2. Brilliant idea Miss Phillpotts! What a great way to keep in touch. I’ve just been on there and I was amazed! I’m looking forward to seeing your posts. I will also be putting some posts on too, so keep logging in.

    • Great Aamina! I hope you and your loved ones are well too. I’ve made everybody a username now! check the blog tomorrow to find out how to log in!

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