11 responses to “STEAM Holiday Challenge!”

  1. Sadeen S.

    1- Yes, I can see some kind of spider without a web.

    2- Spiders live in a web.

    3- Yes, I saw in my old house.

    4- Circle and square shape.

  2. Ellie-Louise T.

    1: spiders 3 and 5 don’t have a home
    2: cobwebs
    3: yes in the shed
    4: square, circle, triangle, rectangle.

  3. Yusuf B.

    The fifth and third spider has no home .spiders live in webs.I have seen lots of spider webs outside in my garden on the wall . I can see a circle and , traingle shapes in the web.

  4. Aaminah A.

    1. The third and fifth spider in picture has no home.
    2. Spiders live on webs.
    3. I went in to my garden and saw lots of Spiders webs.
    4. In the picture I can see circles, triangles and rectangles.

  5. Israa F.

    1: Spider live in a web.

    2: yes I see spiders and webs in my old house.

    3: I can see a circle shape.

  6. Siddra K.

    Yes l have.on a spider web.only one time.oxtigones.

  7. Aayan M.

    1.I saw a spider in my garden on my trampoline.it was big and it had 8 legs.
    2.Spiders like eating lots of different type flies.
    3.Spider webs aren’t sticky themselves,when they moving around the web the
    spider steps between these blobs to avoid becoming stuck it itself.
    4.The spiders with small bodies and long thin legs they tend to hang out high up in
    the corners of rooms.

  8. Umar-Faruq A.

    1)The 5th and the 3rd spiders don’t have a home.

    2)Spiders live in webs and dark places .

    3)I saw a spider web on my bedroom door.

    4)I can see a rectangle, a square,a triangle and a circle.

  9. Safa M.

    1. I see some spiders without any webs in my house.
    2. Spiders live in big webs.
    3. I saw a huge spider web in a tree in our garden.
    4. I see the spider web is shaped as a hexagon also I see some triangle shapes, rectangle shapes, square shapes, circle shapes and a cone shape.

  10. Marwa H.


  11. Saee N.

    1.We have seen some of the spiders.
    2.A spider lives in his web.
    3.Yes I have seen a spider in a web.

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