Stop motion animation of ‘Stuck’ by 4blue


4blue I couldn’t be prouder of the skills you’ve learned over the past two days that have all contributed to this superb animation.

Dedication, being adaptable, patience, teamwork, enthusiasm and smiles have made this not just good, but GREAT! Can you explain what stop motion animation is? What are you most proud of?

18 thoughts on “Stop motion animation of ‘Stuck’ by 4blue

  1. How clever are you all? It is great to see your animated portrayal of Stuck! Loved it, what capable and talented children you are. Mr Carter who is in charge of IT will love this.

  2. Stop motion animation is like you have something and you have to move it slowly just one step then you have to move it again and then you Watch the thing go.

  3. Wowzer!this video is amazing I’m so proud of you, you have done great teamwork well done.your animation was better than year5b’s.Superstars.

  4. I am so impressed. I have never done this before and I got to admit it is a challenge but I enjoyed it and what was so great the children kept on going and they really worked hard. Well done everyone. Have a great break!

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