Story time with Mrs Shergill

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all have been staying safe and are being good for your mummy’s and daddy’s.

I have got another treat for you all. Today I’m going to read you a exciting story. So get comfortable and I hope you enjoy it.

Which animals did you like?

Have you seen any of these animals in your garden?

13 thoughts on “Story time with Mrs Shergill

  1. Sulaiman liked the blackbirds. Yes, he seen blackbirds in his garden. Also he found some worms. He enjoyed the story Mrs Shergill! Thank you!

  2. Maryum likes butterflies she saw some in the garden today.
    Yellow and pink ones 🤔🤔 maryum said. She saw some ants and worms in the garden innthe grass and mud.

  3. I like this story. There are lots of Minibeasts in this story. I like the butterflies because they are so bright and playful. Unfortunately I did see any butterflies outside today, I think it’s too windy for them. But I did see a worm in the garden. 😊

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