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  1. Yes, I do think granny heard Ben because her snoring stopped, her eyes turned red maybe of crying and also Ben saw her shadow.
    I think she felt betrayed, heart broken and sad because she’s really care and loves Ben. She wrote on her calender (my wonderful grandson) and this means that she enjoyed her time with him.

  2. Do you think Granny heard?
    yes I think granny heard that.
    How do you think that made her feel?
    I think that made her feel upset because her own grandson doesn’t like her.

  3. Do you think Granny heard ? Yes
    How do you think that made her feel? Sad 🥺😞☹️🙁😭😢🤧
    And that made me feel sad 🥺😞☹️🙁😭😢🤧