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‘Sublime Science’ workshop!

This morning, 6 Blue attended a science workshop where we saw awesome science in action. Below are a few pictures of what we got up to!

What was your favourite part of the morning? Use scientific vocabulary to describe the science you saw.

16 thoughts on “‘Sublime Science’ workshop!

  1. Khadija: my favourite part of the day was when he did the plastic cup and nail polish remover experiment it was so cool how the plastic cup came apart.

    Matthew: My favourite part of the morning is when we used an air-cannon sort of machine. I think it was a very bewildering concept as I asked my self “How did the air get into the launcher?”

  2. I thought it was awesome because I found out that nail vanish remover(also known as aseton)could dissolve through polystyrene cups it was so satisfying and awesome

    From Tairelle 😀

  3. We really enjoyed this sublime science work shop,as it was really interesting.We realised that a lot of the objects were causing vibration.The acetone(nail polish remover),would cut the cup apart.

    By Abdur-Rahim and Aisha C

  4. Today’s science workshop was so fun! Today, we used lots of different objects that make noises using vibrations. My favourite part was probably when I was a volunteer for an experiment where water was absorbed by talcum powder or the leaf blower rotating the foam ball! ⚽️ 💦

  5. Because it’s science week, we had the opportunity to attend a science workshop. We enjoyed learning the concept and impact of vibration and how it can create musical sounds.

    During the science workshop, we mostly enjoyed using the windpipe which you wave around the air: the air travels inside the windpipe causing vibration.

    Overall, we really enjoyed the experience.

    By Ilhan and Zeinab K.

  6. We think our favourite part of the morning is when we tested out the thunder noise maker as we really liked the sound it made.

    By Leila, Miral and Sania Z

  7. My favourite part of the morning was hearing the thunder drum. The thunder drum used vibration from the string hanging out from the bottom to make a thunder sound.

  8. My favourite part of the morning was when Uthmaan was blown by the leaf blower because his hair turned into a new hairstyle.From Rayhaan🤑😎

  9. My favourite part of the morning was when we were able to see Ilhan getting blown away by the leaf blower. Also when we were able to use the vibranting tube to make an interesting sound.

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