Summer 1-Film club

imageThis half term we have watched a few films including despicable me 2, Harriet the spy, horrid Henry the movie and A bugs life.

which film did you prefer and why?

Choose one of the films we have watched or one of your own and write a review.

Set it out like this:

Name of the film:

3 adjectives to describe the film:


What you liked about the film:

what rating would you give it out of 5 stars:





7 thoughts on “Summer 1-Film club

  1. despicable me was very funny exiting and interesting.
    I would rate it 5 stars.
    we are watching despicable me.
    I liked how it was funny

  2. Despicable Me is very funny and exciting. If I was going to rate from a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would rate it 5 because we could eat popcorn and watch it together. Also, Despicable Me is very hilarious. Film Club is the best!

  3. we are watching Disable me
    It is funny nice and mysterious
    What I liked about the film was that is a really nice children film to watch
    I would rate it 5 out of 5✨

  4. the movies was called despicable me,harriet at the spy and horried henry i liked horried henry because the 2 cool for school part is cool and he is horrid.

  5. the book is called horrid henry the movie.
    my faviarate part was when he was singing with his friend
    because i liked the song and i liked the bit when henry was playing
    2 cool for school because he won 2 cool for school.

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