Summer 1 Week 4 WOW Home Learning in 4B

Hello 4 Blue, I hope you are all keeping safe and well at home!We are missing you all so much. Many of you have been doing an excellent job with your home learning and I have received lots of wonderful photos of your work! We are very proud. In this strange time it is your photos and messages from home that remind us that it is all worthwhile- so thank you!

Every week I will pin a post at the top of this page where I will share your photos from home. So if you’ve sent in work and want to see how your classmates are getting on, check this blog!

How can I share my work?

You can share by email on our Year 4 email address!:

Rasan’s is also an excellent piece of writing. Well done.

Raihaan has sent in his information text. It is so good, I think Year 4 will use it as a model text next year!

Esra and Harris have done their work on Purple Mash today. They are super!

Look at Shabaz’s information text. This is what is possible through hard work, dedication and good research.

Look at this for a Tudor house diagrams by Noah and Raihaan.

Merab has been super busy writing her information text.

Aleena is a true artist and she presents her work so neatly.

Lots of children have done some brilliant pictures and captions today. It would be great to see some more.

Look at Timothy’s Henry VIII picture. He looks mean!

Nice to see Alisha joining in with the work too!

Rasan has been busy doing maths and Topic work.

Noah has completed lots of work too. Another 4 Blue superstar!

I just love getting Shabaz’s work. Not only is it quality, it also demonstrates excellent computing skills and you know I am always looking out for those!

Look at how much work Ellie has been doing… Just on a Monday morning!!!

James has been joining us on the vlog this week! Look at his superb artwork and clock!

Noah has also been busy this Monday!

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