The reward or should I say rewards for Summer 2 are (drum roll please):

Choice 1-A swim party

Choice 2- The bouncy castle

Choice 3- The bikes

You can choose any one or more of the choices mentioned if you and your class win the Brick Wall.  Remember teamwork always pays dividends!

Good Luck!

23 responses to “Summer 2 2018 Brick Wall Reward”

  1. Laura M.

    The first one

  2. Sumayyah A.

    If i win i will choose the first one.

  3. Raumaan A.

    This is going to be hype

  4. Lily M.

    Choice 3

  5. Princess A.

    Swimming is my 🏖🏖🏖

  6. Zoya N.

    I mean swimming pool

  7. Zoya N.

    Kswimming pool I will choose

  8. Yousuf I.

    Choice 2

  9. Inaaya H.

    If my class won I would definitely choose a bouncy castle.🙂🤩

  10. Bogdan S.

    If I win the brick I will choose the swimming pool.
    I am excited.
    I want to win the brick wall yaya

  11. Reyyan M.

    I would go into the swimming pool

  12. Anora N.

    if my class won again i would go for the swimming pool because some people struggle with bikes

  13. Luci R.

    I would choose the pool party because I love to swim and it’s a really fun exercise!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Maryam G.

    Well done you have won the brick wall.

  15. Hannah N.

    We will win soon

  16. Umar-Faruq A.

    If my class win i would definitely choose the bikes.

  17. Ayaan P.

    I would choose the bikes

  18. Anya D.

    You can choose any one or more of the choices mentioned.

    Can you choose all?

  19. If 5 white win my vote is swim party

  20. Fatima S.

    If we(6 white)win it and we have a vote for choices I will choose bouncy castle !!

  21. Lyba G.

    cool hope you had a great time I the pool

  22. Ellie-Louise T.

    Goods binck wall is goods

  23. Marwa H.

    Just because I love swimming when I win the brick wall I am going to chooe swimming!

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