SUMMER 2 – After School Clubs

Summer 2 clubs will run from 11th June – 12th July. Remember there are two sports clubs after school, one delivered by Coventry Blaze and the other Delivered by Mr Elliott. Please ask your teacher for a Coventry Blaze club letter.


The Coventry Blaze Clubs for the Summer 2 term are as follows:

MONDAYS – Year 5/6 Cricket (Members of Mr Elliotts Cricket club are not allowed to attend this training as they already have training on Thursdays).

TUESDAYS – Year 3/4 Football

WEDNESDAYS – Year 3/4 Rugby

THURSDAYS – Year 1/2 Athletics/Multisports


Mr Elliotts Clubs will stay the same for summer 2 and the same pupils will be taking part.

MONDAYS – Yr 5/6 Netball

TUESDAYS – Yr 5/6 Football Team 

WEDNESDAYS – Yr 5/6 Rounders Team 

THURSDAYS – Yr 5/6 Cricket Team 


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