Summer 2 Homework overview.

Hi year 6, this is your Summer 2 homework blog which we will monitor. Mr Janjua and myself look forward to seeing all your homework completed every week. Please ensure your name is on the homework . Thank you.

Remember you MUST complete one piece of homework from this grid every week!

  • Read 5 times a week and complete reading journals
  • Practise spellings ( 50 spellings in your reading journals)
  • activities from the homework overview
  • Mathletics or SPAG

Please upload all your work onto the following share point link:

14 thoughts on “Summer 2 Homework overview.

  1. I have completed mathletics and I have also sent Week 1 Homework, where I looked at the Japanese number system. For Week 2 I created a haiku and for Week 3 I created some origami.

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