11 responses to “Summer 2 Week 2 Broad Heath Citizens of the Week”

  1. Leena Naziri

    Well-done citizens of the week and we’lldone for the people that tryed hard to get a citizen of the week ctifecet

  2. Lakeysha Mawela

    Well done to Lakeysha Mawela i’m proud of you,you’re my super star and well done to all the good citizen of broad heath you make us proud.[Lakeysha’s mum].

  3. Muhammed Abdullah Ansar

    Great job

  4. Muhammed Abdullah Ansar

    Well done

  5. Ilhan Ahmed

    Well done everyone fastaic..

  6. Ilhan Ahmed

    Well done everyone fastaic.

  7. Weli Sharif

    Well done abdi

  8. Habib Uddin

    Well done everyone and have a great day

  9. Haris Iqbal

    Good job!

  10. Mrs Rullay

    Well done to this weeks Citizens of the Week.

  11. Head Teacher

    Great to see so many deserving children and happy staff.

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