Summer Dinosaur Fun!

Hi year 1!

Over the summer holidays you have a very exciting challenge. You are going to pretend to be a paleontologist (someone who studies the history of the earth through fossils) and hunt dinosaurs!

We would like you to create a piece of information about at least one dinosaur and present it in an exciting and creative way. There will be a prize in September for the best looking, most imaginative way of presenting the information that you find.

Here are some ways you can showcase your work:

  • Create a dinosaur model out of different materials along with informative labels.
  • Design and build a jurassic scene with dinosaurs you have researched in.
  • Design and make a ‘wow’ poster with lots of information (you could even do this on the computer!)
  • Make your own non-fiction book about dinosaurs.

To start off your summer paleontology career, have a go at the virtual dinosaur dig below. It might give you some ideas about which dinosaurs you would like to research!


Happy hunting!

2 thoughts on “Summer Dinosaur Fun!

  1. Hi Miss Addie I am having fun making a dinosaur village. So far I have made the mountains and a volcano, with grass and a lake and now I’m making my dinosaurs out of balloons and paper mache. It is very messy and lots and lots of fun. I’m also going to find out lots of facts about the dinosaurs and put the facts onto my dinosaur village. I can’t wait to show you.

    I also will be happy when it’s time to come back to school. I miss school alot.

    • We miss your enthusiasm Lexi. Are you training for the fun run? I am going to start training next week. Remember you said you would run with me!
      Mrs Frankish

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