Summer Fair Photos – Saturday 8th June 2013

Summer Fair – Saturday 8th June 2013

Last week, the children of Broad Heath were provided with the opportunity to organise a stall at the Summer Fair. Each Year group was provided with an Entrepreneur to research to enable them to develop an understanding of the key skills needed to run a successful business.

Take at look at the Photographs of the children preparing themselves for the Summer Fair!

The Summer Fair was a great Success; many children came with their friends and family and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I would like to say a great thank-you to those that attended the day!



  1. Me and my family really enjoyed watching all of staff as well as the students of broad heath school.Lots of people come which means a lot of money.

  2. That was briliant seeeing all the children working together and trying there best.Also gainning and using there team work skills to help others and their selves.That was fantastic.I hope all of this carrys on so are school could get even better.Even though it`s already better than fantastic,brilliant and amazing all joined together.

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