Summer History Challenge!

This summer you have an exciting opportunity to take part in a ‘IHP’
Independent History Project.

You have had the opportunity to take part in exceptional learning throughout your time at Broad Heath.
Travelling from the Stone Age to learning about Tutankhamun, travelling across the mediterranean to explore Ancient Greeks and learning about the unfortunate events of The Holocaust and Second World War.

Your task this summer is to earn fantastic prizes by completing your own research using books from the library, website links on google, visits and trips to museums and even questioning and speaking with adults who could share their knowledge and experience.
You have the freedom to choose the topic, the key focus, the presentation
(Poster, New Article, Booklet, Information text, online presentation etc)

You may choose any historic period and event, if you are struggling to decide which topic to choose, have a look below;

*Henry VIII and his 6 wives

*Tutankhamun the greatest king

*Famous Kings, Queens, members of parliament from the past

*Coventry transport history

*The Black Death

*Life in the 1960’s


*British Empire

Once completed, write a comment below to share you have completed the challenge.
Deadline: Friday 15th September
Teacher: Miss Ahmed (4 Red)


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  1. Catherine of Aragon was the Queen of England from June 1509 until May 1533 as the first wife of King Henry VIII; she was previously Princess of Wales as the wife of his elder brother Arthur.
    Anne Boleyn
    There is some dispute over the year in which Anne was born – most likely between 1501 and 1507. Anne’s father was the courtier and diplomat, Sir Thomas Boleyn and her mother, Elizabeth, was the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk.
    Jane Seymour
    Anne Boleyn’s successor, Queen Consort Jane Seymour, was Henry VIII’s third wife. She bore his first male heir, King Edward VI, before dying of complications.

    • I am sure you can do more. You should be doing a little every day over the holidays. Have you got pictures in it? have you got graphs, information sheets etc. We need projects that are different and not just one page or two. Is yours different?

  2. King Henry VIII and his six wives
    Katherine of Argon
    The first wives that king Henry married was Katherine of Argon[1485-1536]she was a Spanish princess and married Henry VIII for 18 years before he began to divorced Katherine of Argon.
    Anne Boleyn
    The second of King Henry wives that king Henry married was Anne Boleyn[1501-1536]married from the king for only from three years[1533-1536]after that she became pregnant and got a baby girl but King Henry wanted a boy so she got beheaded.
    Jane seymour
    The third of king Henry wives was Jane Seymour[1509-1537]married Henry in May 1536 and she became pregnant and got a boy which was prince Edward but the she died.

    • In whatever format you prefer, you may complete this task on the blog or on paper. By using paper you are able to use different colours, fact boxes, bold title, highlight key words etc. But it is your IHP, so you decide! :)
      Look forward to seeing your work.