Super Measuring

RD have been super busy finding things in their environment which were shorter or taller themselves. The children chose from different measuring equipment to measure with and had lots of learning fun. Take a look at our pictures below

photo 4  photo 1  IMG_5994  photo 5

photo 3    IMG_6030   IMG_6028


1. What can we use to measure height and length with?

2. Which form of measurement would you choose to use and which will give you an accurate measurement?

3. What can we find on a ruler and tape measure?

4. What was the tallest thing that we found in the playground?


5 thoughts on “Super Measuring

  1. 3. What can we find on a ruler and tape measure?

    We can find measurement markings (in numbers starting from 0) in meters, millimetres, inches, etc..

  2. Super Measuring:

    1) We can use a tape Measure.
    2) I would use the Centimetre, measurement.
    3) We can find numbers.
    4) The tallest thing we found was the slide.

  3. We can use a measuring tape to measure height and length.

    I would choose centimetres because they would give me an accurate mearsurement.

    We can find numbers on a ruler and tape measure we can also find lines.

    The tallest thing in the play ground was the climbing frame.

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