Super Saxons Homework

Anglo Saxon Day!

What a brilliant day we had yesterday year 4!

Miss Ahmed, Mrs Cotton, Mrs Sharma and I had so much fun and we were very impressed with your attitude to learning, teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the day. 

For your homework this week, we would like you to write a recount of your day as an Anglo Saxon.


– What did you do throughout the day? (Watch the video to remind yourself!)

– Which activity did you enjoy the most?

Remember to include adjectives in your writing as well as adverbial phrases to start your sentences. 

Here are some examples of sentence openers you could use:

On Thursday 9th September, year 4…

In school. year 4 were given the opportunity to….

When I completed the first activity, which was…


49 thoughts on “Super Saxons Homework

  1. On the 9 of October on Thursday we weaved strips of paper and made a collarge house and made awesome shields and we wrote our name on it in Anglo Saxon writing,we made bread and we ate at the end of the day.

  2. On the 9 of October on Thursday we weaved strips of paper and made a collarge house and made awesome shields and we wrote our name on it in Anglo Saxon writing,we made bread and we ate at the enf of the day.

  3. On Thursday 9th of October,we all weeved a sheet and miss Sharma got a few of them and stuck them to the collaged house to make a thatched straw roof.After lunch we supposte to do gardening but it rained awfully.I made bread and at the end of the day miss only gave us one slice but there was more bread when the class was gone and miss offered me some so i had some and it was delisous.

  4. On Thursday 9th October, year 4 were given the opportunity to dress up as horrific Anglo-Saxons. During the day, we completed lots of different activities such as making wonderful shields, baking scrumptious bread which the Anglo-Saxons ate, weaving, making our information texts on the iPads, working as a team to complete a Anglo-Saxon house,we drew pictures of one of the ordeals for our information texts and we drew our own shields which which was so tricky!!! Thank you for the lovely Year 4 staff for making Anglo-Saxon day the best day ever and a big thank you to Mrs Frankish for a lovely school!!

  5. On Thursday 9th October, year 4 made loads of jawdropping, mouthwatering bread and I already had my Ordeal when I accidently spilt the boiling bread water on my hand! Ha Ha Ha! :)

  6. My favourite activity was making the bread because I liked it when I poured the water in it looked quite nice and my second activity was drama because I, Anton, Abdi and Delhi did Ordeal by drowning

  7. I think anglo saxon day was jawdropping but my favourite part was when we made the mouthwatering bread,when it came out of the boiling oven it looked lie a giant bread monster!.when we made the shields we were expressing our inna creator giving our ideas to others,i liked it when we did our weaving because miss cut the ends and used them as a anglo saxon huse roof.

  8. On Thursday the 9th of October 2014 , Year 4 had a majestic Anglo Saxon day .In the beginning of the day, groups of children did an information text, which stored all are information. later on, we have created an amazing collage of an Saxon house. Some of us did weaving and it was very easy. However I struggled doing weaving. Next, we have swapped classes and we made a fantastic shield and we got to write our names on the shields in the Anglo Saxon alphabet. Turns out that there was no such thing as the letter z. Some of our shields were on the display. After that, we have made a delectable lough of bread. It was almost impossible to measure the exact amount of capacity to pour into the dough. However, later on the day it got rainy and we could not do gardening. In the afternoon, we took a class photograph of year 4s brilliant clothes. When we had to go home, we all tasted the delicious bread that we made covered with butter. To summarise, we all had a blast and everyone enjoyed Anglo Saxon day. I loved Anglo Saxon day. It was the best!

  9. Angolo saxson day was AWSOME. we made a saxson houses using overlapping , made our own information text we made bread witch Angolo saxson eat , weeving in Angolo saxson patterns and made our own was FANTASTIC

  10. On Thursday 9th October 2014 it was Anglo Saxon day. First I did some weaving using red green strips. Once I was done I moved onto sticking some brown little pieces on the Anglo Saxon house that we all collaged. It was so much fun then I moved onto the next activity. The next activity was some ipad work. Me Malaika and Sadia were using the ipad to search about the Anglo Saxons and stored it all on a big piece of paper. I also drew a picture of an Anglo Saxon house. After that I went to 4a to make some bread. We used
    sugar, flower, salt, water and yeast to make it it was so doey. We put it in the oven to bake. Next we made some shields and my one I used lots of colours for it then I used paint. When I was done I wrote my name on the crayon not paint because it was till wet I wrote in Anglo Saxon writing. At home time we all ate a piece of bread. My favriote activity was making the bread I got 4 turns doing something. Even me Malaika did were washing up and she got mars and I got twirl yum yum.

  11. During Anglo Saxon day , we had the opportunity to take part in fun activities including: making shields , baking delicous bread and writing our names in Latin on the shields.

    On Thursday 9th October , my favourite part was making the crusty , mouth watering bread which was made out of soft dough .At the end of the day , we got to eat the bread – we made soo much bread we still had lots in the morning ! (Making the bread was the highlight of the amazing day for me)

  12. On Thursday 9th September We made shields and it went on display I enjoyed making it the most as we’ll 4a and4t made scrumptious breads and eat some of breads I had the biggest one in the class and my baby brother came and also got some so he ate the bread!.

  13. On thursday 9th October,we weed a sheet with strip of paper.
    In the classroom,i enjoyed the amazing second activity which
    was when we did drama.

  14. On Anglo Saxon day we did fun stuff like making tasty Saxon bread.We had done epic things by making super Saxon shields.Everyone had done some confusing weaving which we learnt from Miss Sharma.We had also done some lovely sketching of a ghastly Anglo Saxon helmet.

  15. Super saxons day was really good i enjoyed the activities. my best activity was when we baked the bread. When the bread came out it was very crispy and it tasted very nice. I also enjoyed writing about the Anglo saxons.

  16. On Thursday the 9th of october year 4 had a anglo saxon day, which was amazing day.
    In school we had the opportunity to dress up as a anglo saxon.
    It gave us a chance to be creative. My first activity was making bread.

  17. On Thursday 19th September, we had a wonderful day.My favourite activity was making the bread because it was really challenging when we had to weigh the flour.

    In the first activity we painted a shield wit miss Ahmed also in the second activity we made Anglo Saxon bread with miss Cotten.
    With miss sharma we were sewing a thatched house.

    In third group we wrote a description about Anglo Saxon houses

  18. Anglo Saxon day was very fun and ingoyable every body loved it
    Being an Anglo Saxon was very fun but because of the weather we didn’t get to do gardening
    We made bread we put flower eggs butter and water and we painted the shelds and colord them and they looked fantastic
    We wrote a description of the orders eg fire and they were very gory
    October 9th 2014

  19. The anglo saxon day was of the hook crazy awesome.
    What we did first was ,we did a colloage of anglo saxon huts.
    Then we did weving and that was fun.
    After that we made yummy bread and we ate it at hometime.
    FINALY we made amazing shield’s and rote our name on it using the anglosaxon words and leters.
    We had lots of fun and it was amazing also cool.

  20. On thursday the 9th october,we had anglo saxon day and it was really fun.My favourite activity was making bread becaues we got messy and dirty.I also enjoyed it becaues we got to eat the delicoues,scrumptious and tasty bread.My teacher even had some spare pieces of bread that peopel had 4 pieses.I also enjoyed doing the shield work.I liked it becaues when we finshed them they looked like real shilds.

  21. On the 9 of October we had an Anglo saxon day which was brilliant it was my best day so far at year 4. At the classroom, my favourite part was when we made the delicious bread and Then after that we suck the house

    On the end of the day we got to eat the nice bread

  22. In the 9 of October year 4 had done Anglo saxon day we have done some weaving and we made shield . We also made yummy bread and in the after noon We done some great thing to we done some drama of Anglo saxon ordeals we even done a picture of us being Anglo saxon. After that we ate our yummy bread.

    I really ingoed the bread and the shield I made the shield so clouleful that people wants to bye it. in the first bit when I done the weaving I struggled then I done it right I really loved the clloge of the Anglo saxon house

  23. On Thursday 9th October year 4 was given the opportunity to have a Anglo-saxon day! . We all were really excited and anxiously waited for this fun day to start.

    When I completed the first activity, which was colouring and painting a sheet with a shield on it; I was really eager to complete my next activity.

    Next, our class was cooking where everyone had a chance to stir and weigh; which ended up in a humongous mess. At the end of the day, the bread was baked and my friend Bukami, was so hungry that he had twenty six of them !.

    I had so much fun and was also extremely hyper about Anglo-saxon day. At home, I was bursting to tell my mum about all the brilliant, fantastic and fabulous things me and my class did on this twinkling new special day.

    • On the 9 of October it was Anglo Saxon day and we had to do activates and the 1 one I did was the houses and it was very fun and the 2 one I did was weaving and we had to do 2 colers and they were green and red and after that it was break we made sheald a and it was cool and my colers were gold and blue and the last one was red .later on we did cooking.

  24. On Thursday 9th October,it was Anglo Saxon day which year 4 had.All activite was very amazing but most amazing was bread making!Our teamworked bread tasted delicious.It was very hard to write my name in Anglo Saxon.I know two letters of my name and that is J and A.

  25. On Thursday 9th October,we had a amazing Anglo saxon day. Throughout the day,we were enjoying ourselves by weaving,making some delicious bread,making a collage of a Anglo saxon house and by making information texts. When I completed the first activity,which was interesting,I moved on to making a collage of a house that was creative. My favourite activity was making a collage of a house because when we finished it the house looked like a real Anglo saxon house.

  26. On Thursday 9th I first made a shield and I liked my shield which was really colourful . It was a bit hard to write my name in Anglo Saxon on the shield
    Tbe most activity I enjoyed was the Anglo Saxon bread and it tased really delicious and good.

    • On Thursday 9th September, year 4 we were split into different groups to do different activities.My favorite activitie was baking the delicious bread. Every child got to put a ingredient in to the bread mixture. It was all very fun indeed but one part of the activitie was to wait for the bread to rise. The breads strong smell drifted around the school every minute. When we took the bread out of the burning hot oven it looked really crusty and had expanded from when we first put it in the oven. it was very yummy yum yum!

  27. Wow 4A and 4T, looks like you all had a fantastic time roleplaying. I loved all the different activities that you were doing. Finally you all looked amazing!, well done.

  28. In school.year 4 were given the opptunertue to
    Make somw ummy bread because Anglo saxon ate
    Bread and at the end of the day we got to eat the
    Ummy bread at the end of the day.

  29. Before Anglo-Saxon day I didn’t no a lot about the Anglo-Saxons. Through out of the day I learnt lots of facts. My favourite activity was making bread, which we were able to eat at the end, it was delicious! Another favourite activity of mine was making a shield. On my shield I wrote my name. After, I sketched a real Anglo-Saxon helmet. I thought the day went well, overall it was a fun packed day. Anglo-Saxon day was my best of year 4 so far!

    • sorry the computer posted the commentand i had not finished.

      when i compleated the first activity,which was rather slimy i thought it was pefecto because it is challengind and extreamly hard.

      i thought making shiny shields was my faverout becaus we could make lots of techniques using bright paints and crayons.

  30. On Thursday 9th of October,we made Anglo Saxon bread.Also we
    painted Anglo Saxon shields.They were colorful.My favorite activity was when we drew an Anglo Saxon helmets.We also used creator app to write a Anglo Saxon information text.
    Miss Sharma helped us to weave.when we cooked the bread the children got to eat it.I enjoyed everything!

  31. On Thursday 9th October, we stuck paper on a house the we weeded paper and put those on the house. After that, we made the house we painted shields and wrote our names in the Saxon alphabet. Then we researched information about the homes and drew some pictures then put them on a big paper. After playtime we baked some bread. Then we did some drama of one of the ordeals.

  32. On Thursday 9th September was Anglo Saxon day and it was so fun doing all of the exiting activates.
    In the classroom,i enjoyed the acting the most.
    When I completed the first activity, which was making a informashon text.

  33. I enjoyed Anglo-Saxon day because that we got to learn lots of things about Anglo-Saxons;the things about Saxons are they try to be mean in every way possible to other Anglo-Saxons.Saxons are like people but instead without care,responsibility or kindness because they did’nt know any better than to kill,eat,drink,stab and slit throats.

  34. On anglo saxon day year 4 we baked bread and paint sheild as well we wrote our name in anglo saxon words and as well as doing that we weeved a anglo saxon roof for display. I enjoyed acting out one ordeal.

  35. Thursday 9th October we were making shields and then we painted then so when we were finish painting them we let them dry so it can go on display also we changed groups so we were baking bread and it was Anglo Saxon bread

  36. On Thursday we had Anglo Saxon day. My favourite activity was bread making although making our shields was fun too. At the end of the day we ate our bread, it was delicious.

  37. On Thursday 9th October, we had Anglo-Saxon day which was brilliant is my best day so far at Year 4.At the classroom,my favourite part was when we made the delicous bread and at the end of the day we got to eat the which was scrumpicous. When I completed my first activity which was making the sheild’s made me thought that it is just the start of this super day.As well as eveything is good I also had a challenge dong my Anglo-Saxon helmet but at the end it was beautiful which made me thought that I can do Art well just if I try hard and never give up whatever I do even if it is what I don’t know anything about.Throughout the day I will always rate this day five star as it is so excellent and this will always be one of my memories.

  38. on Thursday 9th October,we weed a sheet with strips of paper. In the classroom,I enjoyed the fabulous second activity which was when we did drama.

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