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Welcome to 2 Red’s Photo Gallery! Please send photos or videos to Y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk if you would like us to add it. It is great to keep in touch and see what you are all doing, We look forward to seeing to receiving them!

Some children are sending in photos of work they have completed at home. Mrs Browning and myself will add photos here of our Super Cookies! Below are some photos of super learning. Well done!

Video from Awais
Kenan Exercising
Ameen exercising video
Ameen and healthy eating
Kenan completing his maths

As you are all such superstars at sending in your work and activities, I have decided to arrange your fantastic photos into daily sections.

Thursday 9th April 2020

Friday 10th April

Imaginative art work by Yaseen!

59 thoughts on “2 Red Photo Gallery

  1. Even more great learning going on 2 Red, i’m so impressed with your hard work. it so lovely to see that your sending in photos off all you and your great work. You all look so happy, keep accessing the blogs and enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. Thank you Mrs Penavega for putting my video.
    Well done my class year 2 Red , I’m so proud of you for staying home and doing lots of good works 😍👍

    • I’m glad to see that you are exercising Kenan. You have also sent in some super work. Well done. Keep safe at home and see you soon.

  3. 2 Red, your gallery is wonderful. It is lovely looking at the work you have done at home, I love seeing all of your happy faces too, keep gaining!

  4. oh my goodness 2 Red!!! have have all been super busy with your work, it’s brilliant and i know you have two very proud teachers. keep up the hard work and above all have a good, stay safe and have fun with your learning.

  5. This is an impressive gallery 2 Red! Keep emailing your pictures,
    Mrs Penavega & I love to seeing your fantastic work and beautiful creations.

  6. Wow 2Red I’m very impressed! Some wonderful work happening at home and brilliant baking! I think I need to try out some of Mrs Brownings recipes! Keep up the fab work I’m sure Mrs Penavega and Mrs Browning are very proud of you!

  7. Thank you Mrs Penavega and Miss Browning for posting my picture on the blog mummy sent you more pictures. I really miss school and my friends and my teachers.

  8. All of them are the best and all in the school are the best. Now I’ve decided to make a mansion,a cake,a book and a school. I like them all.

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