Swimming at Broad Heath

From what I have heard from the teachers, last weeks swimming lessons were very successful!

Share your experiences of the swimming pool;

What did you enjoy?

What did you find difficult?

What are you most looking forward to developing?

What rules are there in the Swimming area that we MUST follow each lesson?


I look forward to reading your responses.

Miss Tarn : )




41 thoughts on “Swimming at Broad Heath

  1. I enjoyed swimming. The swimming without the arm bands and without anything. My swimming without anything. Stop LOOK LISTEN PLEASE. When the teacher whistles then you come out of the water.

  2. Swimming is so FUN and COOL and thank you Mrs Frankish for the swimming pool it is so cold at first but when we started to swim it would get hot because, the energy your producing in the pool.thank you again Mrs Frankish:).

  3. 1)I enjoyed when everyone was shouting because of the cold water.

    2)I found difficult to swim when we were swimming.

    3)My developing is to swim very good.

    4)The rules are to do stop,look and listen please when who are asked to.also when a teacher blows the whistle you have to stop.


  4. 1.Most of all i love swiming backwords .
    2.The first day i started to lift my legs up and started to
    swim,but the water is freasing cold….

  5. I enjoyed the swimming because it was a very good experience for me. I think the last time i went swimming was in year 1.

    I found difficult was swimming because i forget how to swim.
    i am looking forward to doing proper swimming.

    there are 3 whistle that been blown .the first is if the whistle is blown once that mean everyone to stop and look at the life guard , the second is if the whistle blown twice
    everybody to evaluate the pool, the third is no jumping or driving into the pool.

  6. I enjoyed learning to swim, I am looking forward to do swimming without armbands.
    1. When there is one long whistle it is time to get out.
    2. When there is one short whistle you must stop, look and listen.
    3. If there is two short whistles it is time to pay attention to the teacher.
    4. If there is three short whistles someone is in trouble and needs help.

    • Brilliant!

      I can see that you know the rules very well.

      I look forward to hearing about the progress you make in your swimming lessons.

  7. 1)I enjoyed jumping in the swimming pool and splashing the water on my friends.
    2)I found difficult was holding the bars and trying to float, imitate the swimming style, and using my legs to power myself.
    3)I am looking forward to develop my swimming skills and try to swim by myself.
    * If a long blast of a whistle, it means you must stop and get out of the pool.
    * If a short blast of whistle means you must stop, look and listen to the teacher.
    *If two short blast of a whistle means, the lifeguard must speak to a teacher
    *If three short blast of a whistle mean someone is in trouble and the lifeguard will try and help them.

    • Great knowledge of our swimming rules again – fantastic!

      Floating is difficult but once you master it, you will be able to swim much more confidently and use your legs to power you through the water a lot more easily.

  8. Today I enjoyed swimming back wards. It was difficult to see when people were splashing. Jam looking forward to doing the trundelweel. We should not jump when we are coming in. Come out when we are suppost to.

  9. First of all I’d like to say swimming is just…’supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!’ I’d like to say a colossal Thank You very much ‘Miss Frankish, Graham, Miss Sahin and Miss Jones.

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