Swimming in Year 2

Kid Boy with Goggles Diving Underwater Year 2 love swimmingMixed Afro Boy

You have all being working really hard during our swimming lessons but we still have lots of work ahead of us!

Watch the video below to see how much you all have improved .

Remember to comment your thoughts on swimming below:

What have you enjoyed about swimming?

What you would like to do next during our swimming lessons?

Have you improved on your swimming?


9 thoughts on “Swimming in Year 2

  1. Looks like some great work going on in the pool Year 2.
    Learning to swim is the same process as learning to do anything new – Firstly you have to listen to the instructions that you have been given AND MAKE CERTAIN that you are actually following them!
    * Keep your body straight with your chin on the water
    * Use your arms and hands to pull you through the water
    (Like rowing a boat)
    * Use your feet and legs to push/propel you through the
    water, keep your feet under the surface of the water
    and don’t splash (And I’ve heard Mr Carter telling you
    to do that!)Keep trying bhard
    * AND – Work Hard
    Keep trying hard and enjoying your swimming Year2

  2. I have enjoyed about swimming is that I dont like swimming.I dont know bacause I find it difficult to swim in the water.I dont think I have improved anything in swimming.

    • Do not worry Aisha learning to swim takes time and we will all work together to help you.
      For you to be getting into the swimming pool and trying to swim is an improvement from when we first started.

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