Swimming Superstars


Swimming Update

This half term all the children have improved and gained from their swimming lessons. At the start of the year many of the members of our class were scared of getting in the pool and struggled to move from the edge!

Every child is moving around the pool whether this is with support, swimming independently and/or floating. We have all been using floats to help us swim on our front and backs. Mr Carter likes to call these our ‘teddy bears’!

Holding it like a teddy bear helps us hold our floats in the correct position when lying on our backs. Some superstars are now able to swim without a float, using their ‘sweetie grabbing hands’ to move through the water.


2 Blue’s superstar swimmers

Yusra, Aiva and Aman[tds_council]These children have progressed and improved massively! All 3 are able to swim on their front and back without floats or armbands. Each of them have been improving their position and posture when floating on their front and backs. They are also developing different strokes to move through the water. They have shown determination and confidence allowing them to progress and achieve![/tds_council]

[tds_council]What would you like to achieve? AND How could you improve?[/tds_council]

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