Swimming with Confidence

Hi Year 6, We would like to share a video with you about Luqman form Reception (RP). Over the weeks he has been learning how to swim and now can jump in without any aids. His confidence in the water has grown immensely.

We would like your confidence in the water to grow.

Can you tell us what you have improved on in swimming?

What fears have you overcome?

Finally what would you like to achieve?


Happy Swimming

Ms Janjua, Mrs Jones and Mrs Rullay



19 thoughts on “Swimming with Confidence

  1. I have really enjoyed swimming lessons and over week of swimming,I have got better at it and made a lot of progress.It has all so helped me strong because swimming help you get you muscles work and it is exercise.

  2. I have improved swimming so much because first of all I always stopped while getting into the middle but now I don’t. Even I used to make big massive splashes but now I don’t it looks like as if I’m not even kicking my feet. Going under water was really hard for me at the start of the year but now I can be under water more than 10 seconds and I can breathe under it. What I would like to achive is if I swim more and go in the high group with Miss Sahin. A huge thank you to Graham, Miss Sahin, for teaching us thank you to Mrs Jones and Mrs Janjua for giving us all the good advice. Even a big thank you to Mrs Frankish building one for us letting everyone in.

    Bye :-)

  3. Well done Luqman, especially being in reception that is exellent . Even though I’m. 11 I still can’t swim my feet keep on landing on the floor I wish I could swim perfectly everyday I give 100% in my swimming but I still can’t swim . Oh well maybe in a few years hopefully I can swim confidently.

  4. I think swimming is a great activity and I have defiantly improved. I know I have improved because Miss Sahin told me I needed to lift my elbows out of the water before my hands and I do lift my elbows out of the water first.

  5. I have improved by not putting my feet on the floor when i am swimming.I have overcome my fear of going under water and putting water up my nose and in my eyes.I would like to achieve not wearing armbands to swim and being able to get into Miss sahils swimming group.I really like swimming and i am improving loads.

  6. I have improved by not stopping on my feet part way through.I can now swim without putting my feet on the floor.I have overcome my fear of going under water and putting water up my nose.I would like to achieve swimming without no armbands and go into miss sahils swimming group.
    By Alyssa Adams 6M

  7. I have improved by not stopping on my feet part way through.I can now swim without putting my feet on the floor.I have overcome my fear of going under water and putting water up my nose.I would like to achieve swimming without no armbands and go into miss sahils swimming group.
    By AlyssaAdams6M

  8. I have improved in swimming because at the start f the year even with armbands and a belt and sometimes a float I could hardly even swim.Also I was always really scared I might drown but also a got a load of water in my mouth and that felt absolutely disgusting.I always used to think that I would never be able to swim propely.

    A few weeks later I saw the fact that I could swim better when I was going to swim backwards.The next week I was able to swim backwards only with armbands but the problem was I kept looking all over the place.Then my confidence grew and I just looked at the ceiling.

    This week when I did swimming I was almost able to swim forward just with armbands.This shows how much I have improved during swimming lessons.

    However,this is all due to Graham,Mrs Janjua,Mrs Sahin and Mrs Frankish.I want to give a thank-you to the swimming teachers for telling me to keep looking up and keep kicking my legs.But then also encouraging me.A big thank-you to Mrs Frankish for buying the swimming pool and getting it built for how much money,I do not even know.The fact that everyone enjoys the swimming pool a lot it means Mrs Frankish is very kind.

  9. I have made an improvement in swimming because when I first started swimming I did not kick with my feet properly.

    I have over come the fear of getting my face wet.

    I would like to achieve swimming on my back and then turning over half way whilst swimming.

    By Ahsan Khan 6M.

  10. Well Done Luqmaan. Your getting on great.
    Even though Luqmaan is in Reception he is great.
    I wish him all the luck. I wish he carry’s on like this.
    He is doing it without arm bands he’s awesome.
    I wish you all the best.

    By Ahsan Khan

  11. I am proud for going swimming and i really improved my swimming i give my best i love swimming and i will be a star i hope everyone should be swimming by chrismas and Graham will be happy.

  12. Its absolutely fantastic to see the progress that EVERYONE is making in swimming. Its been very rewarding to see Luqman gain in confidence and enjoy his sessions with me. Its also satisfying to see Year 3 and Year 6 get better every week. And that is what’s really happening – all our pupils are getting better every week.
    As Haniya says, at first its all about confidence. Once you realise that you can float on the water safely its then all about following instructions carefully and hard work. Make sure that your body is straight, chin on the water, kick your legs (no splashes), think about the shape of your arms in the water and what you are wanting them to do (pull you through the water), fingers closed so that your hands are like an oar in a rowing boat, try to get a rhythm when your breathing – AND BINGO you are a swimmer!
    Keep trying hard everybody and enjoy your time in the water.

  13. I have improved because when swimming was introduced to the school I could not even lift my feet off the ground. With the help of Graham, Miss Sahin, Miss Janjua and Mrs Frankish my skills have developed and now I am a swimmer who progresses every single week.

    I have overcome my fears of sinking to the bottom, because before I learn’t to swim I had thoughts that I would simply sink. However after the lovely Mrs Janjua explained to me that if I kick my legs and stretch my arms forward I won’t sink.

    What I would like to achieve.
    I would absolutely love to swim the full length of the pool without stopping.

    I think that Luqman is trying his best he is doing very well in his swimming :) :) :) :)

  14. Luqman can jump into the water confidently and will try to swim without swimming aids. Luqman tries to get his face wet too. Well done Luqman.

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