Switched on – Circuits

In science, we have been exploring the different components used in circuits.

1. What components do you know?

Challenge – draw the symbols of each and bring them into school.

2. Explain how electrons flow around a circuit – (Hint: use the words negative and positive).

3. Research the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit and explain the differences below in your own words. 

4 thoughts on “Switched on – Circuits

  1. 1.the components I know are a bulb,motor,buzzer,wire and a battery.

    2.The circuit works if all of the wires are in place.for example if the wire was only touching the negative side and attached to the bulb , it wouldn’t work because their is only one wire attached to negative side and the bulb which means the circuit was Brocken.It would only work if their was two wires so one wire connected to the negative side and the bulb and the other wire connected to the bulb and attached to the positive side of the battery

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