T U E S D A Y (David Wiesner)

Below are a few images from our story. Please use your inference skills to answer the questions in full sentences.

  1. At what point in the day is it? How do you know
  2. How does the turtle appear to be reacting? Why might this be?
  3. Write a dialogue between the Turtle and the Frog?
  1. What vocabulary can you use to describe the frogs compared to the cat?
  2. Predict what you think may happen if the lady wakes up?
  1. How do the police officers feel and why?
  2. What might the local residents be saying about this situation? 
  3. Explain why it is so strange for the lily pads to be in the streets?

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  1. Picture 1:
    1.it was Tuesday evening,around eight because it’s the sun set.
    2.the turtle feels shocked and scared because there’s flying touds.
    3.as the turtle hiding in is’t shell what are they doing.as the frogs where on their flying lily pad where flying.

    Picture 2:
    1.the cat looks shorcked but the frog are watching tv
    2.If the lady woke up she would scream

    Picture 3:
    1.they feel shocked because lily pads are very where

  2. 1) It is at 8 pm
    2) The turtule might be thinking how is this happening to them this might be because this has never ever happens to them befor
    3) The frog might be like I have no clue what is happening to me but I quite like this I am enjoying it so far and the turtle might be like seriously what is going on today I am so shocked.

    1)The frogs are enjoin there trip and the televation but the cat 🐈 is very 😦 scared of the frogs
    2)I think if the old lady had been woken up by the frogs she might be like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh there is a big frog

    I will do the rest at home

  3. Picture 1
    1)It is the night. I know this because if you look a the top of the picture there is the moon and the sky is dark.
    2) The turtles reaction is shocked because there are frog fliying on lily pads.
    3) One morning something unusual happened. Tony turtle shouted “Hey! Faheem Frog let me come with you! ” The frogs were on flying lily pads.”You..you! You’re too slow you’ll never catch up with me to get a ride! ” replied Faheem frog.” Oh please ” said Tony turtle angrily
    Picture 2
    1) Frogs
    Happy, relaxed, extatic, refreshed
    Confused, shocked, clueless.
    2) I predict when the lady wakes up she is going to scream.
    Picture three
    1) The police officers feel confused because there are lily pads everywhere.
    2) They might be saying they heard something suspicious in the night.
    3) Its strange because lily pads belong in the pond

  4. 1. I think is night because you can see the moon and stars.
    2. I think the turtle is shocked and scared.

    3. ‘I’m flying’ said the frog flying in the air
    ‘I can’t believe that you can fly’ the turtle was shocked

  5. Picture 1:
    1. The time is around 8 o’ clock, I passionately know this because. … First of all, the book Tuesday tells you what time it is and Second of all, There is a full moon, its quite dark and you can see stars.
    2. The turtle appears to be reacting in a confused and frightened way. He may be reacting like that because he may be asking so many questions to himself/ Rhetorical questions…For example, how are these frogs flying on their lily pads, is that even possible, no I must be imagining it. Also, he would be intrigued because he would definitely want to find out what made the flock/ orchestra of flogs fly.
    3. ‘ Dearie me….Is that a flock of frogs flying on their lily pads?’ The frog asked

    ‘ Well yes, and this is an adventure of a lifetime, I guess!’ Replied the frog.

    ‘ No, no…I must be imagining this…probably because I have had a very, very tiring and long journey.., this is all fake it must be!’ The turtle said in a passionate strict voice.

    ‘ I am afraid you are incorrect, this is reality not imaginary!’ Said the Frog..in a deep voice.

    ‘ Hmm….I still think I’m imagining this..must be a dream!’ The turtle giggled with laughter whilst trying to talk at the same time.

    ‘No….no…no….think twice!!!! It is not a dream…It is not imaginary..It has nothing to do with that…..This is reality! You know what let me leave ok?’ Screamed and shouted the frog, violently!

    ‘Indeed…Ta..ta..!’ Mumbled the turtle.

    ‘Yes bye!’ Replied the Frog..

    ‘See you again soon! ‘ Said the turtle..with joy.

    ‘I hope not!’ Said the frog in a deep, dark voice.

    Frogs left……

    ‘ How rude’ Shouted the turtle.

    Picture 2:
    1: The frogs are quite full with energy and very chatty, boisterous,talkative and they like Flying around neighbourhoods. Whereas, the cat like peace and quiet, doesn’t
    like too much noise and is not very talk-ative. So you can easily notice the cat and frogs have a lot of similarities and less differences!
    2: In my opinion, I believe that if the lady wakes up she will aggressively chase the frogs out..find a fryong spoon…and smack/ slap them out.

    Picture 3: The police officers may feel curious and unsure because they would mostly wonder who would leave lily pads on the streets or even where did they come from.

  6. Image 1
    1) It is 8 o clock on a Tuesday. I know this because within the first page it states “Tuesday evening around eight o clock
    2) The turtle is horrified to see flying toads heading straight for him.
    3) “Whoah whatch out where your heading! Exclaimed the turtle.
    “ I am ever so sorry, I can’t control this thing properly” Explained the toad.
    “ How are you even up there!”
    “I have no idea”
    “That is something you don’t see everyday.”
    “Well it taking me so I will see you sooo * glides away*
    Image 2
    1) So the frogs are having a lot of fun and the cat is being very sneaky and is suspicious about the frogs
    2) I believe that the lady will be very confused about how the frog are flying around on Lilly pads.
    Image 3
    1) The police will feel puzzled because the pond is far away from the village so the chances of a lilly pad on the road is super slim
    2) They will feel the same as the police to be honest.
    3) Because the pond is super far away.

  7. Scene1:
    In my opinion, I think that it is 7:30pm during the day because the sky is changing colour.
    The turtle might be feeling really schocked because the frogs are flying and this might be very unusual.
    “Why were u making so much noise”, asked the turtle
    “I’m sorry but I woke up and then suddenly,I started to fly on my lily pad”,replied the frog.
    “Well that’s very strange for you to start flying on your lily pad”,said the turtle.
    “This is very unusual”,muttered the frog flying away from the turtle.

    When the lady wakes up, I think that she should scream at them and make them get out the house as they were watching tv in someone’s house.

    I think that the police man are feeling very curious because it is not usual for lily pads to be lying on the floor.
    The local resistance might be saying “yesterday I heard something strange outside”.
    I think it’s strange for lily pads to be lying on the streets because frogs only live in the pond and if there on the streets it’s very strange.

  8. 1) At what point in the day is it? It 8pm because it look like it at the night.

    2) How does the turtle appear to be reacting? Shocked , Scared and Nervous because the turtle never seen a frogs flying like this.

    3) “ How did I fly ? Shocked the Frog.”
    “Really who did this to you replied the turtle.”
    “Bye I am flying help get down for here Said the frog”
    “I will get some help Said the turtle .”

    4) The Frogs was surprise because they were wachting some Tv but The cat was saying how did they come here.

    5) I think the lady will say get out of here , I will called a police then the will get you.

  9. Scene 1
    The time of day in the first picture is 8:00 in the evening.
    The turtle might be feeling scared because it’s head was under his shell.
    Whilst sitting on a log the turtle saw flying frog “what’s that noise”complained the turtle.
    All of a sudden the frogs looked at the turtle “Why are we flying did you do this” shouted the frogs.
    Quickly the turtle looked up“No I didn’t”he replied.
    Scene 2
    I think if the lady wakes up she would scream and run away.
    Scene 3
    He felt curious about why there was so much lily pads on the floor.
    The local residents could be saying who could have done this we have to catch them.
    It is strange for the lily pads to be on the floor because you find them in ponds.

  10. 1. I know this is at night time because the full moon is out .
    2.I think the turtle might be shocked because frogs never fly and this is the first time he has seen one.

    3.while the frogs were sleeping in the pond they started to float wow how are you floating the shocked turtle said I don’t know it just happened explained the frog.

    1.the frogs have green body and the cat has a white body .
    The frogs have a slimy body and the cats have a furry body.
    The frogs are in the air and the cat is on the ground.
    2.I think she would scream and call the police.

    1.I think the police man feels suspicious and curious thinking who would do this .
    2. I think the people would be angry that the frogs came in there house.
    3. I think it is strange because there are never Lilly pads in the street .

  11. 1)It is night time i know that because it is dark and the suns not out any more.
    2)The turtle reacts by putting its head back into its shell it does this because it’s scared and worried.
    3)”What’s happening to you”the turtle asked.
    “We don’t know but we’re going to explore”they answered.
    “Bye then”the turtle said.
    1)The cat is much bigger than the frog and the frogs are happy but the cat is frightened.
    2)If the lady wakes up then she would scream and probably call the police or she would think she was seeing things and she would go back to sleep.
    1)The policemen would be shocked because they don’t know how the lilly pads got there.
    2)They might be saying what they thought might of happened and if they saw what happened they might of explain what they saw.
    3)Its so strange for the lilly pads to be in the streets because you usually find lilly pads in a pond.

  12. Correction number 2 the turtle shouted“ahh your flying how is this possible! “Don’t be scared” said the frog calmly.correction number 7 “how can frogs fly there must be another explanation” said the resident.

  13. Picture 1:
    1. The point of day is night and i now because of the darkness and the moon.
    2. The turtle is shocked because the toads are levitating.
    Picture 2: The frogs are relaxing and the cat is scared,frightend and shocked.
    2. I predict that the lady will be shocked because the tv channel changed.
    Picture 3: 1. The policemen feel surprised and shocked because how the lili pads came at the road and the policemen feel confused.
    2. They will be saying that “how could this happen it’s so suspicious”.
    3. It is strange because the lili pads stay in the pond not on the street and it’s strange because who could even go to the pond and throw the lili pads so it is so suspicious.

  14. 1)It is at night because it is dark behind.
    2 . It is frightened because it is going into it shell . That why are the toads floating in the air .
    3.Turle :why are the frogs floating in the air. Frogs : l Just don’t know !
    1. The frogs are exited watching tv but the cat looks petrified and terrified in a little corner.
    2. I predict that she will call the police .
    1. He is confused and he is thinking about who they were.
    2. They will say that he will investigate and find out the solution.
    3. I think that they were running because the sun is coming .

  15. 1)I know it is night because it is dark and everyone in the village is asleep.
    2)The turtle is reacting because the toads were flying in the air and the turtle thought it was unusual.
    3)TURTLE:”Huh why are you flying in the air.TOAD:I d-don’t know!

    1)The toads are interested in the TV the cat is terrified that they can fly.
    2)She would be so shocked that she might faint(Call the police.)

    1)He would be a bit shocked and is looking forward to knowing who could have done it.
    2)They would probably be saying someone must have this very bad thing or ugh what is this.
    3)It would be really strange if the lily pads are on the floor because no one would like to touch it (slimy.)

  16. Pic 1
    1)it’s late at night because the moon is showing and it’s dark
    2)the turtle is shocked seeing the frogs fly
    3)HOW ARE YOU FLYING?!?!?!?!?!?!Shouted the turtle the toad replied the power of the clock tower is giving us the power to fly and that’s why we’re floating and so the toad flew away towards the village

    Pic 2
    1) the frogs are clueless at there being a cat behind them and there being watched
    2)if the lady woke up she’d be like shoo! Get out!

    Pic 3
    1)He feels worried if the toads hurt anyone ect.
    2)the local residents might be the citizens so I think they’ll be confused on how they flew
    3)the lily pads are on the street because a dog came out of nowhere and rammed the toads and then the Lilly pads ended up on the street

    By Harvey

  17. Scene 1
    1) It is nighttime. I know this because the background is starry and dark.
    2)The turtle appears to be shocked because there are lots of toads around it flying on Lilly pads. I can tell because it is tucking its head into its shell.
    3) Turtle:aah,such a wonderful, serene night.
    Frogs: hey their turtle! Seen our new ride? Are you jealous?
    Turtle: AARGH! How are you flying!?
    Frogs: The funny thing is, we don’t know! Anyway, see ya.
    Turtle: Wait! I’m coming too!( walking slowly)

    Scene 2
    1) excited, on top of the world, confident.
    2) If the lady woke up at that moment, she would probably faint back onto the chair.

    Scene 3
    1) he would feel confused and startled. Because how would you feel if you had been told that frogs were flying last night?
    2) The residents must feel very apprehensive and scared that it might occur again.
    3) I don’t think that there are any rivers nearby and even if there are, there are only supposed to be lillypads in the river.

    • Scene 1
      3) As the elderly turtle sat on his large rock, admiring the beautiful stars, a green flash moved above his head. “What was that” shouted the old turtle, his eyes widening.
      “Oh, sorry we startled you “the frogs said, bending down enough to see the turtle. “Our Lilly pads magically began to levatate and no we can fly!”
      Before turtle could say another word, they were gone.

  18. Pic 1)
    1.The day is Tuesday because the books title is called Tuesday
    2.The turtle is startled to see flying lilllypads with toads on top of them
    3.”how are you floating, Tim”said Thomas the turtle
    “I don’t know It just happened but I’m having a blast, Thomas”said Tim the toad
    Pic 2)
    1. The cat looks slightly creeped out and the frogs looked chilled out and intrigued in the TV
    2.If the lady we’re to wake up she would probably faint
    Pic 3)
    1.All the police officers feel confused and might be jumping to conclusions
    2.The residents might be very puzzled
    3.Lillypads are not supposed to be on a road they are supposed to be in swamps and ponds and toads are not going on roads because the will get ran over.


    • Y ☝🏼
      “How are you floating”shouted the turtle
      “Umm I don’t know but I’m having a blast”said the frog wizzing past the pond water
      “Ok then see you tomorrow” the turtle mutteret to himself realising the frog was away from the pond.

  19. Frogs flying on Lilly pad.
    1)it’s at night because you can see the stars in the sky behind the frog.
    2)He’s reacting scared because u can see the scared look on his face.
    3)How can you fly over my head?The turtle 🐢 Said in shock?The Whimsical clock tower gave me powers”As he was in a rush and flew over the turtles head.

    The frogs in the living room.

    1)The frogs are more braver for going to the house and going to watch tv as well as the cat is hiding in the corner scared because there’s loads of the toads and doesn’t know what to do.
    2) I think if the lady wakes up she is gonna get scared and maybe she can’t make them get out so she might call the police.

    Lillypads lying around.

    1)I think the police officers feel shocked because they don’t know why Iillipads are lying around in the middle of the streets.
    2)They might be saying that the clock tower can’t have magic powers anymore because frogs can’t come out of there ponds.
    3)The lillipads are in the streets because no one knows that the frogs came out without any person learning.

  20. it is night because the moon is in the backround and the turtle is shocked. Please can you go away.

    The frogs are satisfied and the cat is scared .i think the granny will faint

    They feel shocked as there is Lilly pads every were

  21. Frogs flying picture
    1)It is in the late at night because the moon is up and the stars are shining.
    2)He appears to be shocked because it was his first time he ever saw this.
    3)”How are you flying!?” Shouted the turtle”The magic of the clock tower is letting us fly”explained the toad as he flew over the turtles head.
    Tads watching TV picture
    1)The frogs are quite calm and inquisitive about the TV but the cat is quite afraid and also inquisitive at the same time because it has never seen something like that,that the turtles are flying.2)I predict that she will panic and try to kill them.
    Police investigatin picture.
    1)I think thing that he is quite curious and he feels weird about how the whole scene happen.2)I think the local residents might search for the frog DNA of the frogs and catch them to give them up to the scientists for them to give their power to humans in the village.3)Because how could the Lilly pads be in the streets if they came from the pond.

  22. 1)Mid night because the moons still out.
    2)The turtle was really frightened so he hid
    3)frog :is happy turtle:what why is there flying frogs.

    1)the cats feeling weird and the frogs thinks it’s normal.
    2)if she wakes up she would probably faint.

    1)he feels really confused.
    2) he’s probably saying people just got the Lilly pads from the pond and threw it everywhere.
    3)because Lilly pads does not be on the road and it’s really unusual.

  23. Scene 1

    Question 1
    It is night time because the moon is rising

    Question 2
    The turtle is felling shocked and scared because it is not normal for a orchestra of toads to be floating on lilypads.

    Question 3
    Hey turtle can you help me down?
    I can’t I won’t be able to reach you from where I am.

    Scene 2

    Question 1
    I think the difference between a cat and a frog is that a cat is fluffy and a turtle is kind of rough.

    Question 2
    If the lady wakes up I think that she might be confused and she will call someone to help her.

    Scene 3

    Question 1
    I think the policeman is wandering what would lilypads be doing in the middle of a road.

    Question 2
    I think the local residents are complaining about why the roads are covered in lilypads and the roads next to it are asking what happened.

    Question 3
    It is strange for lilypads to be on roads because it is not normal.

    By Ismail Ali🤑😎

    • Edited version of Scene 1 Question 3

      Scene 1

      Question 3
      “How are you floating”asked Bob the turtle
      “I don’t know but I sure am having a great time”replied Sensi the frog
      “Ok you keep on having a great time I have a lot of boring stuff to do”exclaimed Bob the turtle!
      “You too”shouted Sensi the frog

  24. 1.in the evening.
    2.scared shocked because of its facial expression.
    3.i think the turtle is saying ahh your flying how is this possible! And then the frog is saying don’t be scared.

    4.there are many green frogs And compared to the cat it’s only one so I think it’s frightend.
    5.suspicios because there’s so many Lillie pads.
    6.the old lady would have a heart attack.
    7.how can frogs fly ther must be another explanation said the resident.
    8.because frogs would be crushed in the road and it’s over 100 Lillie pads.

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