Project Week: History Week at nursery!

🌟😊 Welcome back nursery! ☺️🌟 It is lovely to see all of your smiling faces! This week we focused on the famous person named James Starley. He was the inventor of bikes. We made our own 3D bikes. We also went to the Reception playground exploring different bikes and scooters. Please take a look at […]

History Week in 6B!

A lovely way to start the middle of the week. Our history week is centred on the Edo Period in Japan, between 1600-1890! During this time, Katsushika Hokusai used her wonderful artistic skills to draw and depict life during Edo times – which is now known as Tokyo, in modern society! THE GREAT WAVE – […]

1Blue – Bonfire FUN!

Today, for History, the children learned about the consequence of Guy Fawkes’ plot. The children shared their views on King James as well as Guy Fawkes. They both did very unfair things is the conclusion we came to. The children experienced their very own Bonfire by toasting marshmallows on a real fire! What did Guy […]

5B’s visit the Black Country!

In Spring term, year 5 have been learning about the Victorians! Today they had the pleasure of visiting the Black Country Museum looking at one of the countries first industrial landscapes, where history came to life before their eyes, In an immersive experience! See our iMovie below: Bronze: Name two new facts you learnt about […]