Talented Tie Dying in Year 5

Our topic in Year 5 this half term has been the 1960s. Today, Year 5 gained in their knowledge when they were tasked with tie-dying their own white tshirts! 

First of all, we used rubber bands to crumple our tshirts and segment different parts of the tshirts so we could dye each section different colours. The way we twisted our tshirts affected the final print on our tshirts. We chose from: The Bullseye technique, the heart technique or the crumple method. Everyone’s tshirts would be completely unique based on the way which we crumpled and segmented our tshirts. 

Then, we carefully applied dye to our tshirts using dyes in plastic bottles. We had to be really careful during this part in order to only dye specific areas of our shirts as well as make sure we didn’t get any dye on our clothing or ourselves!

Everyone’s final product was completely unique to them, based on the ways in which they tied their tshirts and the different coloured dyes which they used.

As our tshirts are still drying and preparing to be washed, I will post a final picture of our art work later on this week so you can all see.

Did you enjoy this activity? What was your favourite part? What colours did you use? 

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me how tie dying links to our 1960s topic!

Well done everyone for your hard work, I am looking forward to seeing the final pieces,

Miss Starkey 💫

62 thoughts on “Talented Tie Dying in Year 5

  1. Wow Year 5! Some super responses, well done! I am glad you all had a really fun time! It sounds like lots of ‘precious adventures’ were created, as per 5 Blue’s motto! Well done :)

  2. yes miss starkey it was super fun. my favarite part was when we swerled up our t-shirts.the coloers i used were blue,pink,purple,orenge and red.it links to the hippies from the 1960s.

  3. I enjoyed this activity , my favourite part was adding the tie dyes on.
    The colours I used were blue,purple,orange and pink.
    Tye die links to the 1960s because hippies wore colourful clothes

  4. I enjoyed the activity.
    My favourite part was dying the t shirts.
    The colours I use we’re red,blue,purple and green.
    Tie dying links to our 1960’s topic because it was popular in the 1960’s and also because the colours were very vibrant.

  5. I enjoyed doing tie dye.
    My favourite part was doing the tie dye.
    I used all the colours.
    This links to our 1960s topic because the hippies liked bright and vibrant colours and they used to do tie dye.

  6. I really enjoyed this activity and I couldn’t stop talking about it!
    I had no favourite part, I enjoyed every part.
    I used purple, blue, green, red, pink and orange.
    This is linked to our 1960’s topic because the hippies wore really colourful clothes and they Tie Dyed them too. That is why we are making colourful cothes

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