Talking Turkeys

Below are videos showcasing mood boards children created and they used intonation to read their poems aloud.

Saniya, Michelle, Sania & Leila

Aryan, Miral & Sophia
Hargun, Esa & Ilhan

Please share your favourite line from the poem and explain the meaning and why Benjamin wrote this?

30 thoughts on “Talking Turkeys

  1. My favourite line is ‘Yo turkey your on my side’ because it is showing that Benjamin Zephaniah likes the turkey and that it is on his side.It also shows that Benjamin really doesn’t want the turkey to be killed.

  2. My favourite line is ‘ Dey all hav a right to a life’ because Turkeys do have a right to live and they deserve to have freedom and enjoy life instead of being killed for our benefits. The reason why Benjamin Zephaniah wrote this line it’s because as he is vegan he believes that Turkeys want to live and have fun just like us humans but humans are destroying Turkeys life’s.

  3. Don’t think eat it keep it alive is my favourite line because it tells you don’t eat it because Christmas is supposed to be peaceful when people are killing turkeys this suggests that turkeys should live their life with freedom and not dying.

  4. My favourite line is ‘join turkey united and they’ll be delighted ‘ this is my favourite because I like animals and I would do anything to make them delighted.

  5. My favourite line in the poem is ‘Don’t eat it,keep it alive’.This is my favourite line because it suggests that you should leave the turkey alone and not kill it.

  6. My favourite line don’t eat it, keep it alive the meaning of this line is that there saying don’t eat the turkey just keep it alive Benjamin wrote this because he doesn’t want the turkey to eaten.

  7. My favourite 2 lines were “Turkeys hav brains and turkeys feel pain/ in many ways like you and me.” Because they actually made me consider about how I would feel if I was captured and had my head slit off. It is considered cruel and murder If done to a human so why not a turkey 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃💀💀💀💀💀😱😱😱😱😱

  8. Say yo turkeys I am on your side !
    I like that part because it looks like your saying it on your side and it does’en want to get eaten by people.

    by ilhan

  9. “Don’t eat it keep it a live “is my favourite line Benjamin Zephaniah wrote it because he is saying why eat a turkey on Christmas time.

  10. “Don’t eat it keep it alive” this is my favourite line because we shouldn’t be eating these poor animals because they will adventualy be extinct.

  11. ‘Cuz turkeys just wanna have fun’ is my favourite line because it sounds funny and it is my favourite because it is kind of saying that Turkeys should be able to celebrate Christmas and have fun.

    By Miral and Ismail

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