Teddy’ Secret

Teddy had a secret and that secret was a party that was held during Stay and Play. Children spent the week learning about what a party is and engaged in lots of exciting learning activities throughout the week. The children made party hats, place mats, wrote party invitations, shopping lists and role played what to do at a party to enhance language.

One of the first things the children needed to do was write a party invitation:

IMG_4494[1]Part invitation

Look at the shopping lists the children wrote and sent to Mr. Teddy in a envelope. The children used their phonics knowledge to help them write a list.



 1. What is a Secret?

2. What secret did Teddy have?

3. What important things do we need on an invitation?

4.  Can you write a shopping list and bring in to show me? 


4 thoughts on “Teddy’ Secret

  1. Question 1:

    Secret is you can’t tell anybody what you have been told. It is normal between two friends and they confine in each other.

    Question 2:

    The secret in the story is they are having a big fun party. The teddy bear in the story doesn’t tell any of the grown ups or even his toys.

    Question 3:

    You must include the date of the party, type of clothes you must wear, the time if starts and finishes, the names of your friends .

    Question 4:

    * Bread
    * Cake
    * Peas
    * Grapes
    * Apples
    * Banana
    * Beans
    * Biscuits
    * Soft Drink / Sweets
    * Water bottles
    * Salad
    * Cornflakes
    * Cheese

  2. Hi miss Dahil

    1 When you can’t tell anybody.
    2 Party
    3 Time and where and name
    4 Sweets,apples,cake,chicken,pizza,chips,bisciut,banana and juice.


  3. 1.)you can not tell anyone.

    2.)Teddy was having a party but he did not tell anyone not even the grown ups or his toys.

    3.)You need to write what time it is going to be and we need to know where it is going to be.

  4. 1) A secret is when you cannot tell anybody else the secret or it will not be a secret anymore.

    2) Teddys secret was that he was having a party, and he made it a secret and he didnt tell any of his toys or grownups.

    3) We need to write a name on the invitation and where the party is going to be and the time. We have to write whos party it is too.

    On my invitation the party was in RD and it was at 1:30.

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