Hi 6 White,

I felt that the most appropriate blog that I could post today was all about gratitude. I would like to say thank you to all the fabulous children in our class who have helped me grow and have helped their peers through what can only be described as a ‘tricky’ year! Thank you for all the memories and thank you for working SO SO hard continuously. Thank you to Ms Janjua who has been the most amazingly lady to have in the classroom; thank you to all the other year 6 team members who have constantly cheered me on!

Today, I would like you to write a thank you paragraph, say thank you to anyone who you think deserves it, who made your school experience special! That doesn’t mean ‘just’ your best friend, think of everyone who has contributed to your time at BH – the DRAs who helped you read, the cleaners who tidied your classroom, Mr Russell who taught you music! The list goes on.

Take the time to be reflective!

Thank you to everyone who supported our quiz night - St George's ...

18 thoughts on “THANK YOU 6 WHITE!

  1. I’m gonna is these good old days. Thank you for all the people who made a journey 100x better than it should have been. I would never ask for more and hope everyone has a good and better future. It’s so sad that we can’t see eachother and say goodbye for the last time in a way we won’t forget, but I just want to say thank you for that last time, and move on into the next step in life. People are unfortunate they can’t have proper water yet we get all this amazing stuff.


  2. I would like to say thank you to all of the people who work at this school. Thank you to everyone who didn’t just teach me, but everyone who took care of the school. I appreciate every single staff member. The teachers are what make this school special. You all are very helpful and jolly. Thank you all!

  3. Dear Miss Vega and Miss Janjua,
    Thank you sooo much for this amazing year , the time we were together in class and also when we were home learning you were always exceptional ! I so missed being in non uniform today in school if it was a normal last day of the year, we would have spent the day saying goodbye to each other and by making lovely memories !Our Drayton manor trip got cancelled , graduation ceremony , prom and the list is long ….. I am going to miss this all but the amazing years I have spent in Broad Heath will be the most beautiful memories forever , each and every teacher right from nursery to year 6 , I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and care you have bestowed me with ,throughout my learning years in this incredible school ! Mrs Frankish special thank you to you for being the best head teacher A school could ask for !
    The values of broad heath will remain with me for all life , I feel nostalgic while I write this ! I also Want to Say thank you to my fellow students for being kind, supportive and encouraging through these years ! I am going to miss you all !
    A big bear hug to all my beautiful teachers ❤️

  4. Thank You to all the teachers who taught me throughout my years at Broad Heath, including Miss Vega, Ms Janjua, Miss Cochrane and Mr Mashford. You have all taught me different new things and skills that are all crucial to help us succeed in Year 7. You have made us laugh and smile throughout our Years here, at Broad Heath.
    Thank You to my class for being the best class ever! We have all shared hilarious moments together and it is sad to say goodbye, knowing we may not see each other again.
    Thank You to Mrs Frankish for making this school the BEST in the whole world with all the lovely equipment that we had to make our break-times and lunchtimes even better!
    Thank You to ll the other teachers who taught us other lessons such as Mrs Kiani for Spanish and Mr Russell for Music. You have taught us different subjects that we would be proud to know.

  5. A big thank you to all of my teachers who have taught me over the years Mrs Addie and Mr Mahmood, Mrs Street and Mrs Patel, Mr Anderson and Mrs Diaz, Mr Mashford and Mrs Habib, Miss Cochrane and Mrs Sharma and Miss Vega and Mrs Janjua who have taught me well through these hard times. Saying goodbye is hard as I don’t know if I will ever see you again. Miss you all.

  6. Thank you 6 white for these amazing memories . Our class was one of the most naughtiest but also the most funniest class. I want to thank you the teachers that taught me but mostly miss vega and mrs Janjua for teaching us and always having our back through these hard times . I will miss , miss vega teaching us dancing and mrs Janjua being one of the most strictest but one of the most funniest teacher. I want to thank you mrs Frankish as she always was there for us no matter what situation and helped us become who we are now. I will miss BH so much and the memories . I wish 6 white will have fun in secondary as they did in primary . I am so thankful to meet 6 white. One of the things BH helped me was to improve my confidence skills and now I can speak up for myself . Good luck 6 white.❤️💓⚡️

  7. Thank you Miss/rs Penavega and Mrs Roberts for teaching me all the basics and making sure that I did my best.

    Thank you Mrs Addie and Mr Mahmood for teaching me that I actually have to train to be a hairdresser.

    Thank you Mrs Street and Mrs Patel for making sure that in yr. two I did well in my sats.

    Thanks Mr Anderson and Mrs Diaz for making Egyptian mummy day soo memorable.

    Thanks Mr Mashford for bringing me not to loathe star wars but to love it, oh and for always telling me full stops Ayesha .

    PS: Look at the end of that sentence , you would be sooo proud

    Thank you Miss Cochrane and Mrs Sharma for shaping me to be the Lady Macbeth that I am today.

    Thank you Miss Vega for being a dancing , singing teacher power house and thank you Mrs Janjua AKA Dragon lady, who always bosses whatever she does.

    Thank you Mr Strong for setting up Mr Strong’s games everyday no matter what the weather , you really made lunch times fun.

    Thank you Mrs Rullay and Graham for being the ones who i could talk to whenever i needed to.

    Thank you Mrs Frankish for making sure that this school and all the teachers in it were the best of the best.

    Thank you dev for being awesome and just rocking it!!!You are an inspiration.

    Lastly thank you to my class, I don’t know how the kids in my new secondary will compare but I know that if they are even half as good as you lot then I will be lucky. I will miss you all so much seeing as we grew up together and I don’t want to say goodbye , but I know I have to so goodbye and good luck.

  8. 6 White you have been an amazing class. We aren’t that close but I think we have become more closer over the years. I would like to thank all my friends and best friends for making my experience 100 times better. Miss Vega and Ms Janjua thank you for teaching me through these tough times. Thank you to all the teachers that have teached me and Miss Cochrane for making me laugh. I hope my class a great time in secondary school.
    Miss you all xx 🦋✨💘

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