26 thoughts on “Thank you Broad Heath!

  1. Thank you playground pal,
    you have been a great friend when I Was in need you played basket ball with me when i was alone and i am very greatfull for everything you have done I think you are the greatest poeple in broad heath but I can never and i mean never forget the teachers the genarous teachers

  2. Dear

    Thank for helping me and everyone else in year 4 too.It is very nice.You are very good role models and and are doing a very good job.I don’t know how to thank you.I know you are good role models because you do your job properly and every time someone is hurt you help them.You also solve their problems for example Siham.Another thing I see you do is play with the people who are feeling lonely and if you are too busy you find them a friend.This is very useful.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  3. Ayub helped me when someone hit me and throwed me on the concrete floor.
    And Ayub said to them go away and don’t do the again you naughty boy and
    I was bleeding on the nose and Ayub told mrs Frankish

  4. Dear playground pals
    I would like to say a big thank you for sorting out my problem when these boys were bulling me and my friends.I also felt happy because you sorted it out and they didn’t do it again so i would like to say thank you for that as wall.

  5. I will like to say a big thank you for helping with all of are problem so i will tell you when you help me in my problems

    One day I was playing with my 3 best friends then then this boy throw a stone in my eye so they came over and that said why are you crying and I said some one
    trow a Stowe then thay sorted the problem .


  6. Dear play ground pal,

    Thank you for helping me in the play ground when I had a problem. I came and told you that someone was being mean and you went and asked them to stop.

    Thank you
    From Siham

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