The Black Death

In Topic this term Year 6 have been learning about the Black Death. They have learned about the deadly disease and the impact it had over society during the era of 1348.

Below is a video they created about their learning.

What did you enjoy and learn from this topic?

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  1. I liked when we were organising the symptoms in order by drawing it. Also from this topic I have learnt the cures for the disease and these are it
    .herbs and vinegar

  2. My favourite part of this topic was where we done the views because I liked learning about all of the different cures and I’ve made progress in my topic work when we were learning about the black death and also well done everybody for that perfect video😁🖒

  3. Ie njoyed to learn the cure for the black death
    There were six cures that are
    .herbs and spices
    .pray to there lord
    .viniger(I think it is that)

  4. Ie njoyed to learn the cure for the black death
    There were six cures that are
    .herbs and spices
    .pray to there lord
    .viniger(I think it is that

  5. I enjoyed producing the video for the Black Death.I also liked writing the symptoms of the Black Death as well as that I like the first lesson when we did a round robin and found out facts about the Black Death.During that era, people were very religious so they thought that if they prayed to God they would be spared of the Black Death.

  6. The cures for the black death are(that’s what they believed) The Lords Prayer,Frogs,Herbs and vinegar, urine and leeches. the leeches love blood so if they get leeches it will suck all the poison out of your body.They put frogs on their belly; you have to keep doing this until the frog won’t explode.The all relied on their Gods to heal them.

  7. My favorite part of doing this topic was when we learnt the cures of the Black Death it was called the Black Death because the black rats were infected and they bit people. The cures of the Black Death were urine Lord’s Prayer and vinegar. This topic is very interesting because the black death spread very quickly.

  8. The black death is a very interesting topic. We have learnt about symptoms and how they are caused. For example blackening in fingers,toes and hands. This symptom shows that the people who have the Plague, are starting to rot. We have also been learning about cures that doctors thought would help. To get the poison out of the blood, they believed drinking urine would clear the venom in the blood because of the chemicals. They also thought, bathing in urine would stop pop the spots and let all of the venom out.
    Also, we have been researching how it was spread. There was a little flea and it bites a rat. Then the flea looks for more food and finds a human. When the flea bites the human, at the same time it throws up bacteria in the humans blood. This is because when the flea bit the rat lots of bacteria went inside the flea body. There is too much bacteria inside, as a result the flea throws up when biting other species.

    I really enjoyed, doing different activities in the first week. One of the activities were, we sorted out a timeline in chronological order and drawn the timeline in our book.

  9. From this topic(The Black Death)I have learnt in my lessons some of the cures for the Black Death. Like drinking someone else’s urine (wee),which is disgusting,and sitting between two open fires and if you do sit between two fires their will be no point because you want to cure yourself not damage yourself even more because you inhale the bad smoke into your lungs and that could cause serious lung damage which is basically the same as smoking which is also very bad for you.
    Another cure for the Black Death is skinning a frogs skin and rubbing all the mucus (slime) on your skin.Also leaches and leaches you put on your buboes (spotsa) and the suck all the poison out of it and finally their is sitting in sewers which isn’t really pleasant because you will smell for a while.

    PLUS my faviroute bit in the video was the song and me acting that is what I loved most.

  10. I really enjoyed the video and when they sang, it was really funny!
    I learned that it took 12 days for someone to die from the rats and fleas.
    I also learned that the KILLED THEIR DOGS AND CATS!!!That is harsh!They did this because they thought they caused The Black Death.

  11. This half term we have been learning about the Black Death.
    Here are some facts that I learnt during this topic:
    *The Black Death started of by a flea. That flea will then bite a rat and then the flea will bite a human. So that’s how the disease stared.
    *The people that lived in the village thought that the cats and dog where causing the disease. So a order was given to kill all of the cats and dogs that where in the village. But this was a bad idea because if there were no cats the rats won’t get killed. And if there were no dogs flea won’t killed either.
    * The symptoms of the Black Death is Bubonic plague,enlarged lymph nodes, chills, headache, fever, and weakness.
    * The Black Death started in 1348.

  12. I really enjoyed learning about the Black Death, as I learnt a lot of things such as Cures:
    -Leeches. Leeches were used to cure the Black Death because they would suck all of the bad blood out of you. Unfortunately, for some people this cure wouldn’t work.
    I think we should do things like this all the time in History/Topic! Its great fun!Heres a link where you can learnt all about the Black Death(for other years and 6)
    By Inaaya Khan 6 Red

  13. This has been the best topic in year 6 that I have learnt and learnt lots of interesting facts and I never knew about the disease Black Death

  14. I really enjoyed learning about the Black Death and the symptoms.The best thing we were doing about the Black Death was when we were making a presentation about the Black Death.

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