The Black Death

Year 6 have had a fabulous half term learning about the Black Death. We learnt about how it came to Europe and England, and the impact it had on society and everyday life. 

What was the most interesting part of your learning? How do you think it must have felt to have lived in those times? How would things be different today? 

7 thoughts on “The Black Death

  1. I enjoyed making a presentation on the Black Death.I would have hated it since there was danger everywhere and you never know if someone is dangerous with the plague .Another reason of why I don’t like it is because they is a 75% that I would die or something like that.Things are different today because there is no plague.

  2. I enjoyed the Black Death topic because it really fun and inspirational
    in a way also when we got a chance to see what caused the cures.
    I would prepa are cures today instead

  3. The most interesting part of my learning was when we got to see the cures they would use during the Black Death.I think that it must have been really hard because they were not able to leave their homes to go to their family and friends house.It is different today because you would have more cures in now days but during the Black Death there were not many cures.

  4. The most part on my learning was how it speared around Central Asia and Europe.I think it would’ve been tough because all the symptoms would make my head go spin and eventually I would die before a week,maybe one day.What would be different is that if someone did have it they would get more advanced medicine but then in the Middle Ages there wasn’t.Like cures like bathing and drinking pee (they were crazy) and smelling herbs and flowered what.

    By Asia (6 red )

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