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  1. Opening:
    There was a boy named Peter and had a dog named Nell and they lived in a busy city called Birmingham! Every Monday’s Nell goes to Peters school to hear children read.
    Build up:
    Then one day he could not smell nice air so he ran to school and saw everyone miserable and saw that all the books were gone and was not happy. So he walked out the school and everybody went with him. They went past a zoo, farm, takeaway and past a forest because that’s were he could smell the books.
    Then they bashed the gate open and there was a man he was sitting in his back garden with all the books then they said ‘give them books back!’ Then he said’ I was only borrowing them’ so they took them of him
    Then they ran to a place with doors fully open and they went inside and there were books everywhere so then he got a libary card and got different books everyday . Then after that he never stole again now everyone was happy
    The End

  2. There was a boy called Peter and his detective dog called Nell . He was the best in the earth Peter was very messy . Nell wanted to be tidy Every Monday he went school and readied a malevolent pile of books He readied books about Dionysius and space and dogs One day his directive dogs smell the wrong smell.The teacher was sad called out “my books are gone”
    Nell the detective dog ran sniffing and every where The children followed the dog .He ran though the farmyard and the zoo and the felled where the rabbits smell nice .At last,they found a man who slots all of the books They called out “hey the books are ours not yours”

  3. There once lived a boy called Peter and his detective dog Nell.Peter was very messy Nell wanted Peter to be more neater. Nell came to Peter’s school every Monday. The children all ways read to The detective dog Nell she loved them reading to her.One day they went to school and Peter’s teacher was very upset. They were wondering why. Peter asked why and his teacher replied “all the books have gone”.The detective dog thought that it was a job for her. Sniff sniff she ran through the corridors and everybody followed her. She ran through the streets the take way shop and saw a oak wood door.Detective dog stopped and barked Woof. That meant that the thief was in there.They bashed the door opened and saw a man reading a book and a sack full of book. Finally they found the thief. They asked why did you steal our books. The man replied I was gonna give it in tomorrow. They told haven’t you ever discovered the library no. They took him there. He joined the library and never stole again.

  4. Opening
    In the warm city of Manchester, there lived a boy who’s name was Peter. He had a good detective dog called Nell. Nell loved to solve mysteries. Because he loved reading, he always went to the library only on a Monday to listen children reading. From Tuesday to Sunday he did detection.

    Build up
    One fine day, he could not smell nice air so he ran to the school and miserably saw every one crying.He did not know what the right thing to do was.He asked the teacher what was wrong.

    “We are so sad because all of the books from the school are gone.What shall we do?”sobbed the teacher. “I don’t know.”
    “Sniff Sniff Sniff” went Nell smelling for clues.

    Just then Nell started screaming. He had found a cap. Suddenly he started running so they all followed him. In the Blazing sunshine,there stood a man reading a book. Near him was a bunch of books.”Give us all the books you have stolen! ”
    “I haven’t stolen them. I like reading so I got the books.” Said the man politely.

  5. Opening
    There was a boy called Peter and he had a dog called Nell.
    Nell always solved mysterys.

    Build up
    Nell always goes to school with his owner Peter

    The next day Peter and his dog goes to school and every one is sad and all the books have been stolen

    Nell finds the book thief and so does everyone else and finally Nell has found the thief

    Every one takes the book thief to the libary and tells the book thief that you can take books for free and front now he goes to the libary every single day

  6. Once there was a dog a detective dog called Nell with her owner named Peter every Monday Nell and Peter went to school Nell heard lots of children reading every body loved reading but one day Nell and Petter arravied at school every one was upset so petter asked why they were upset because someone stole the books Nell was absolutely surprised when she heard this so she went searching for the books suddenly the children saw a hat it must belong to the thief, Nell went out side they passed the farm they passed the shop when suddenly they found the thief “YOU THIEF” cried the children the thief replaid sadly “I’m sorry I just love reading” so Petter said why not get a libbery card if you love reading so much and that’s exactly what Theif did and he said “I’m Ted” and now in the days when Nell and Petter came to visit they saw every body reading happily especially Ted who now has his very own library card every body was reading joyfully and so did Nell and Petter.

  7. Opening

    There was a boy that had a dog that solved mysterys and her name was Nell.Peter always bring his dig into school so she can help with mysterys .
    Build – up

    Nell went to school with Peter and when they went insides do all of the books were gone !!!


    Nell was th detective and he showed the way where to go .They went through the deep dark woods and walked through the loud and crunchy leaves .They saw the theif reading allof the schools books .


    The children showed the thief that there was a place where to go and it is free to join. It was the library and he could not belive how many books there were.


    They could not belive that nobody took the books again and they were very very very happy

  8. There was a normal dog with a normal owner well actually it wasn’t a normal dog it was a detective dog called Nell, Nell the detective dog with her owner Peter.Happily the lived together and went every where from Tuesday they went to school happily together till Friday and went anywhere with him till Sunday.But on Mondays he acted weird and when I say weird I mean weird .
    Every Monday she had to sniff and smell on the way to school .Sadly one Monday he smelt the wrong smell on the way to school and that was the smell that something was wrong at school.When the reached school everyone was crying in sadness even their teacher because all the books were gone missing.Nell smelt something something really bad and in a flash of lightning ahe ran off with Peter floating on the ground and his whole class behind them.Quickly the reached the culprits backyard and found him reading their books. He was very sorry and gave them back so the children took them to the library where he started getting books from with his library card and on the way he told us his name was Ted.

  9. Nell the ditective dog comes to Peter’s school every Monday and listens to story’s.
    The story’s are about nights and princesses who turn into frogs.
    Nell was a dog that solves every mystery that comes in the way of people for example she finds things like keys,books and shoes.Tere was a thief that stole all the books from the school.Now the furry brown Nell sniffs the thief out then everyone starts chasing her until they all find the thief.when until he says that he just wanted to read the books and he will return the books tomorrow then they tell him about the library.Then the thief called Tedd always went to the library to collect books from there.

  10. Opening
    Once a pon a time there were a dog called the Neal the detective
    Build up
    They had a big class full of billions of books
    One day there were nothing left and they knew they had been robbed
    They followed Neal to a big gate which the thief was in they all shouted” THEIF”
    They go the library and the theif got billions of books to read

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