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The Fiver Challenge!

Year 6 have been working hard in their mini business groups to create business plans with an investment of just £5. They will be selling their products Tuesday to Friday this week at KS1 (not Tuesday) and KS2 breaktimes in the Y6 area.

6 Red have produced these adverts to let you know what to expect! Don’t forget to bring your money into school. Enjoy!

6 Red promote!

29 thoughts on “The Fiver Challenge!

  1. The fiver challenge was a great chance to show off our business potential. I think I have potential in jobs like this, it was really fun as we all worked for a team and we got to see loads of money. :)

  2. I think our team in the fiver challenge worked really well because we quickly ran out of stock and we persuaded people to buy our stuff which was slime and we had sweets as a back up and we finished and used are own money to buy stuff.

  3. The fiver challenge was really fun to do and we tried to get as much money as possible! Our teams were all very successfully and we sold most of our stuff!! Everyone was being polite and confident! Each group had their ups and downs but we all got there in the end and we all worked in different groups but were raising money for the same thing!

  4. the fiver challenge is a really fun and nurturing project and the more you make the more fun you will have through out the year as the amount of money you make goes to the school and is then put towards you.

  5. The fiver challenge was fun but educational at the same time. We all learnt to manage in a group and to communicate well as a team . We used participating skills by not being lazy or doing nothing. Advertising was the hardest thing because the wast two other class rooms but even if they came in your class there was other groups in the class also. But it is all going to a good cause.

  6. I have enjoyed the fiver challenge so much! This improved my business and my marketing skills by 100%! We made over £200 as just one class! Remember, we only had £5 at the beginning and look what we’ve got now! I hope We have an amazing time like this for the rest of the school year!

  7. i really enjoyed when we sold to people because we didn’t wait for the m we had to call for them. Now I know that the customers like sweats and less nutella sandwiches.the people loved the lemonade that we sold because it was so cheap (10p)but the other group sold it for 20p and 50p

      • I think our team in the fiver challenge worked really well because we quickly ran out of stock and we persuaded people to buy our stuff which were goodie cups and we made loads of profit like 10.60 which is a nearly quite a lot of money our teamwork was good because we would use our manners to customers from buying from our stall

  8. I have enjoyed the fiver challenge so far. Even though my group had a hard time selling on the first day we still tried our hardest and we advertised our stall so the children would come and buy our things. On Tuesday we started with a really low income but on Thursday we all got up and advertised our products so we made more money. Tomorrow is the last day we are selling so we have to make the most of it.

  9. So far the fiver challenge has been very exciting and fun even though there have been some arguments it has been good. And we have had fun even with the customers and I just wanted to say that I am happy with my team and other teams as well . Good luck to all and enjoy our sales Ks1 and Ks2. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. We are the slimeatory and we make slime which is £1 in total. 50p for slime and 50p for toppings. The toppings are sequins,loom bands and food colouring

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